LINKguide (January 9, 2011)

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 Mert & Marcus shoot GUCCI’s Spring/Summer 2012 campaign (OHLALAmag)
 Brad Pitt gets into fight with set of stairs.  The stairs won. (Dlisted)
 If I don’t make it to Burning Man this year I will never forgive myself!!! (Towleroad)
 Goooooorgeous photos of “Antarctica In A Bag” by Francois Delfosse (The Fox Is Black)
 Guess what’s red, grey, and black, and is the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery (PSFK)
 If you wrap Malcolm Gladwell in grey cloth it actually turns out to be quite stunning (Kottke)
Symmetry + 18K Affair + MJ Coles + Polica (ISO50)
 Vancouvria: Dream Of The Suburbs spoofs Portlandia: Dream Of The 90s (Laughing Squid)

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