This Bach Suite Is One Of The Most Beautiful Things I Have Ever Heard In My Entire Life

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I’ve been listening to this Bach suite over and over again and can’t seem to get enough.  I discovered it while listening to the soundtrack of Mike Mills’ film Beginners (which I have written about extensively on FEELguide).    I’ve always been a huge Bach lover, but can’t remember ever hearing this one before.   In researching the exact name of the selection, the best tidbit I found was the comment on the track’s Soundcloud home page which was this: “Beautiful. The trumpet piece is Bach’s Concerto in C Minor, BWV 974, Largo section. The movie credits don’t give any detail except to say it’s by Bach. Doing some internet research brought up ‘Air Suite No. 3’ but is incorrect. I stumbled onto the correct title by searching on Amazon. Alison Balsom has a sample on Amazon HERE).” The magic and complexity of Bach is simply unrivaled, and his music is of such depth and complexity that Mother Nature herself must often be riddled with envy for having not made it Herself.

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