“Bloom” By Pogo Is A Fairy Tale Of Music Sampling

by • June 23, 2011 • Movies, Music, VideoComments (0)3476

Pogo’s latest offering is a terrific remix of sampled sound and clips from various Disney features.  Entitled “Bloom”, it’s just the sort of thing that can put a smile on your face if you got a lousy 5-hour sleep like I just did.  I can’t say I’m fully bloomed myself yet this morning, but maybe by coffee #5 I will be.  The music reminded me of one of my favorite combos of music and video that I’ve ever seen: Benoit Pioulard’s “Kids Are Getting Younger” remix by Small Snails, and the incredible video made by Daniel Algarin (you can watch it HERE). To see more of Pogo’s work including a brilliant remix of the film UP CLICK HERE.

Source: Laughing Squid

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