Geotic Blesses His Fans With Gorgeous Free EP “Bless The Self”

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I’ve always felt that the most powerful aspect of music is its ability to “stick” to memory.  In much the same manner as smell, music has an extraordinary ability to zap us back in time to a watercolor memory or place in time within mere seconds.  Somehow it magically fires up those neurons in perfect sequence and acts like a time machine pulling up memories and past events in our lives with such speed and ease it almost makes your head spin.  Geotic’s extraordinary album Mend pushes those kinds of buttons every single time I listen to it, so it goes without saying that I’m feeling extra-blessed this morning to see that Geotic has just given out a fresh new EP entitled Bless The Self for FREE.  I plan on spending my day listening to it over and over again, and perhaps the sounds will attach themselves to the memory of this weekend which is turning out to be the first truly magical one of the year for me: one of my best friends Laura just gave birth to a gorgeous new baby boy, and yesterday I spent a truly magical day of adventure with my friend Gigi.  Once again I find myself reminded that the best things in life really are free.

To get our own copy of Geotic’s Bless The Self (as well as his must-have album Mend), be sure to visit

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