Geotic “The Hungry Ghost”

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My obsession with Geotic continues (Geotic is a side project by Will Wiesenfeld of the group Baths), and I’m starting to realize that there’s a song for every single one of my varying moods.  Right now the weather in Montreal is fit for your worst enemy, and after a long hard day of running around I’ve found myself in my PJs with nice cup of green tea and the return-to-the-womb sounds of Geotic’s album Realms.  It’s actually my second favorite album of theirs right after the phenomenal Mend.  The best song on Realms is easily “The Hungry Ghost”, but the entire album is chalk full of deliciously ambient sonic dreamscapes.  If you want to download some of Geotic’s music and make a donation so Will can keep up his amazing work just click HERE.  To watch and listen to their work just visit them on YouTube.  And be sure to read a wonderful profile of Will in the Los Angeles Times by August Brown (photos below by Ricardo DeAratanha)

LISTEN HERE: 02 The Hungry Ghost 1

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