World Map Reveals Average Penis Size Of Every Major Country On Earth

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“Why is a man like a snowstorm? Because you don’t know when he’s coming, how many inches you’ll get, or how long it’ll stay.” OK, so it’s not the best penis joke in the world, but there seems to be a short supply of good ones out there. Which is surprising considering how the word penis carries with it such a strong giggle factor. I’m assuming part of the reason for this is how guys’ penises are for the most part shrouded in mystery.  We can easily tell how big a woman’s chest is, but ever since silly clothing entered the picture, us men have had to cover up our junk and leave prospective sexual partners guessing until the final showdown.

To help make things a little more transparent down there, a team of data visualization experts at Target Map (my newest favorite site) has compiled an impressive body of stats regarding penis sizes.  They’ve put together the definitive ranking of every major country’s average penis size. Canadians average out at 5.5″ while Americans rank at 5.1″.  Meanwhile, the average French penis is 18.5″.

Alright, so the average French penis isn’t actually 18.5″, but it is longer than North Americans’.  To see the real French figure, along with every other country, be sure to open the map at Target Map.

Source: Target Map

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