Remarkable Story Of A Mother Who Abandons Her 3 Kids Is The Most Unlikely Mother’s Day Heartwarmer

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If you are looking for a Mother’s Day story that goes against the grain of all others, this next one could easily fit the bill.  CBS Sunday Morning profiled the remarkable life story of David Good, born and raised in New Jersey to parents with backgrounds as different as day and night.  When David’s father was beginning his career years ago as an anthropologist, he travelled deep into the Amazon jungle to study one of the most remote tribes on the face of the Earth, and it was here where he fell in love with one of the young tribeswomen.  As their love grew deep and strong, he convinced her to return with him to New Jersey to start a family of their own.  She couldn’t possibly have imagined what was in store for her upon her arrival, yet for the next several years she managed to adapt, and eventually they built their new family.  What happened next is the most unlikely story of heartbreak, forgiveness, and renewal you can possibly imagine.

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