Knowing a foreign language is a great skill that can improve your personal and business life. However, sometimes it is hard to keep learning and progressing. Experts from revealed a few ways of how to stay motivated while learning a language. Let’s have a look.

Schedule the Time for Learning

Whether you learn with a tutor or on your own, try to schedule your learning sessions. Thanks to this, you will always have time that is dedicated to studying. Remember that shorter but more regular sessions are better than one-time, long learning marathons. When you have a lesson booked in your calendar, it can be easier to not skip it.

Stay on top of your game, but also be flexible. It can happen once in a while that you are extremely tired and simply can’t make it that day. Just remember to not make it a habit.

Incorporate Learning into Your Daily Routine

The more natural learning becomes, the easier it will be. You can try to incorporate language learning into your daily life, so even in your free and fun time, you can still memorize a few new words. How to do it? For example, by changing the language of your phone, watching a movie in the original language version, or by following influencers that speak the language.

Set Some Achievable Goals

Setting an achievable goal is a key to success. If you tell yourself vaguely that by the end of the year you will speak fluent Italian, it might be too far away to actually stick to the routine that will lead you there. Try to focus more on smaller, quickly achievable milestones, for example: by the end of the month I will know 50 new words from the food topic; by the end of this week I will repeat the conjugation of the verbs mangiare and essere. By setting smaller goals, you know exactly what is in the plan to learn in a short time. And those small steps will lead you to your ultimate goal of speaking a language.

Make It Fun

Try to make your learning as fun as possible. If you feel that you enjoy studying, you will want to do it every day. Memorizing grammar rules is important, but you don’t have to focus on them every time you try to learn. Explore some interesting ways to study, for example games, tongue twisters, talking with native speakers about your hobby, or even listening to a podcast. Nowadays, the possibilities to make language learning fun are almost endless!

Check on Your Motivation

Some people start learning a language to get better job opportunities, others to go for their dream journey, and others to impress a loved one. The reasons are endless. If you feel like you are losing your enthusiasm for learning, check what motivated you to start in the first place. Remind yourself of that motivation and verify if it is still valid. If not, maybe it is time to work on a new one, which better suits your current situation.

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