Do you or your partner enjoy those romantic Disney movies where the protagonist is swept off their feet by a charming love interest? While it may be a bit cheesy, romantic movies are still a wonderful form of entertainment – and not just for teens and young adults (as some would like to believe)!

But what if you could have the romantic atmosphere of Disney movies in real life? Would you like to try it?

As it turns out, couples can also enjoy Disneyland’s attractions and make it a romantic experience, with or without any princes or princesses. So if you’re looking for your next couple getaway, here are a few things you can do at Disneyland:

Get the Heart Pumping on the Rides

A bit of adrenaline can easily get the romance going so don’t miss out on a bit of adventure. Try some of the most interesting rides, hold hands during scary parts, and get close to each other when things get dark.

For instance, if one of you is a big space nerd, they’ll have a blast on the Guardians of the Galaxy rides at Disney California Adventure. Or, if you really want to get things going, why not pay a visit to the Haunted Mansion? This is definitely an adventure you’ll remember in the future!

The good part is that Disney rides are perfect for both new couples looking to connect more and couples who have been together through thick and thin and want to rekindle the romance a bit.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

The best Disneyland restaurants have a wide range of cuisines on their menu, so you can spoil your partner with a sumptuous, romantic dinner. However, you should think about this before leaving home, to avoid having to wait in line for a table.

Couples should try at least one of these restaurants so make sure to plan ahead and reserve the best seats just for you. Oh, and don’t forget about the numerous cafes, sweet shops, bars, and other establishments where you can enjoy yourselves until late at night.

Be Lovey-Dovey Under the Fireworks

Even though it wasn’t always the case, nowadays, fireworks are often associated with romance and passion. In fact, it’s a common trope used in romantic Disney movies. That’s why, if you want to show how much you love each other, the Disneyland fireworks show is the perfect occasion.

And, if you don’t want to share this intimate moment with the crowd, you can watch them from your hotel’s private beach or another, more isolated, location. The idea is to be together and in a romantic mood. It may help to talk a bit about the moments when you first met, the first few months of your marriage, or any other memories that warm the heart and get the butterflies going.

Book a Hotel for the Perfect Romantic Night

After all the rides, the good food, and the fun, you’ll want to rest and enjoy the rest of the evening/night in a nice hotel. The best option is to choose one of the three hotels and resorts in the magical kingdom since they are easily accessible from the park.

However, if you want a truly magical evening, the Grand Californian Hotel seems best suited for couples on a romantic getaway. The rooms are spacious and the hotel is focused on elegance and finesse – plus, there’s a fully functional spa you may want to use in the morning, after breakfast.

Have Fun!

The most important part of this romantic adventure is to remember to have fun. Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for twenty-something years, you should know how to be silly with and enjoy each other’s presence.

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