We all remember our favorite teacher! Not only because of their great qualities but also how they taught us even the most difficult topics of a subject in a breeze. They just made learning fun, fruitful, and easier.

However, it’s still okay to look for a tutor for individual help or to help you prepare better for your exams. For instance, if you reside in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, you can easily search for the ideal tutor using the search filters that best suits your preferences through Tuen Mun Tutoring (屯門補習) platform.

Nevertheless, if you want to become an effective teacher for your students just like you once had an effective teacher in your academic life, we have mentioned 5 habits you can learn from highly effective teachers in this article. Read below to explore!

1. Makes Learning Interesting and Fun

You may already know how some lessons can become so mundane that the students just stop paying attention to them and don’t grasp the concepts.

An effective teacher makes an effort and is creative about turning tedious lessons into engaging ones. For example, you can create slides for one of the upcoming lessons or show a relative video to your students in the class to capture their attention.

Furthermore, you can always opt for a hands-on approach for a worksheet. This will make learning fun and beneficial for your students.

2. Builds Relationships

A highly-effective teacher works hard to get to know their students better. They don’t treat their students as “students”, but they treat them as equal individuals.

A solid teacher-student relationship encourages and inspires students to perform better merely because they want to prove to their teachers that they are smart, intelligent, and worthy!

You can use their names consistently in class, hold a small conversation about their interests, or simply ask them what they did after school yesterday.

3. Works on Improving Their Teaching Methodology

Another habit of an effective teacher you can learn is that they are constantly trying to improve their teaching practice. From class interaction, class management, and content delivery to classroom culture, they try to find their weak spots and strive to improve them.

Even constructive criticism from their colleagues or an instructional coach makes a huge difference in acknowledging the shortcomings that they may be overlooking.

4. Tracks Their Student’s Performance

Whether through tests, exams, assignments, or class participation, an effective teacher is data-driven and tailors their teaching strategies according to their student’s performance.

This ensures that their students are all learning at the same pace and that no one is falling behind in the class lectures. Even if a student is struggling in class, they give them extra attention and ask them to work hard in their home by assigning them tasks.

5. Spreads Positivity

Students tend to learn better in a positive environment. Therefore, a highly-effective teacher tries to spread positivity in class through encouraging remarks and constructive feedback without compromising class rules and discipline.

They also reward their students from time to time with badges, certificates, or candies to help them do even better in class! Even if the teacher is having a bad day, they still enter the classroom with a big smile on their face to spread positive energy.

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