Pinterest is a spectacular visual search engine where you can find inspiration for home décor, scrumptious food recipes, making money online tips, or even art and design. It’s also a great platform to quickly increase your Pinterest followers for your business or brand visibility by using different organic marketing strategies and tools.

If you love art and anything else related to it, Pinterest will not disappoint you. Whether you want to challenge your creative side or you want some inspiration to add an artistic spark to your life, there are plenty of accounts you can follow.

This article will explore the 5 best Pinterest accounts to follow for art and design, read below to find out!

1.    Design Sponge

Design Sponge claims to provide all the design ideas you need in order to make your home look cozy and aesthetically pleasing. It features a wide variety of resources, ideas, home tours, tips, and projects to inspire you endlessly.

With more than 3 million monthly views, you can check out the boards this Pinterest account has created for never-ending creativity. Such as door handles, fabrics, lamps, rugs, clothes & shoes, decorating inspiration, DIY ideas, desktop wallpapers, etc.

2.    Oh Joy

This Pinterest account boasts more than 15 million followers for the unlimited ideas it offers to its massive audience regarding home décor including laundry and closet along with decorating plant pots and different creative ways of wearing dresses and scarves.

It even has a board titled “Oh Joy! Builds a House” that features the complete process from the start to the end of creating her dream house. It lets its followers know even the tiniest details like the wallpaper used, laundry room countertops installed, and fine art pieces purchased during the house-decorating process.

3.    Creativebug

If you are really into arts and crafts, this page on Pinterest will leave you in awe. It has more than 1.1 million monthly views, and it offers online art and craft classes, more than just painting and sewing, no matter how skilled or old you are.

It has something to offer to everyone as long as you’re fond of arts and crafts. Here, you can learn quilting patterns, painting, crochet techniques, yarn tips, weaving and knitting patterns, and DIY gifts for several occasions.

4.    The Design Files

The Design Files Pinterest account is one of Australia’s most famous design blogs with over 10 million monthly views. You can find more than just art and design on this account such as inspiration for Australian homes, gardens, food, architecture, and more.

The Design Files account feed on Pinterest is super clean, sleek, and gives homely vibes. Whether you’re into metallic, wooden, vibrant, or all-white interior designs, you can definitely find something according to your taste here.

5.    Angie Makes

Last but not least account on our list is Angie Make. This Pinterest account is owned by a creative artist who posts her artistry like girly-inspired WordPress themes, graphics for the web, and fonts. This account has more than 1 million views on a monthly basis.

This artist is more inclined towards creating floral patterns and providing some tips regarding starting your own blog or WordPress-related queries. Most of its boards feature printable artwork, premade logos, iPhone case ideas, fonts and letters, invitation cards, and clip art.

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