Every video maker and editor knows that background music can make or break your YouTube content. Appropriate and pleasant music can arouse an emotional response from the viewer, whereas unsuitable or boring music will discourage them from ever giving your channel a second glance.

However, finding the perfect music for your video can be challenging and expensive. Music is often copyrighted, requiring you to pay to license it and give royalties from the views you gain.

To avoid this hassle, we have curated a list of 15 websites that offer free royalty-free tracks. If you create music, you can upload some samples on these sites to promote your album too!

15 Best Websites to Get Free Music for Your Videos

Before we get started, it is crucial to understand the difference between free and royalty-free audio. Music that you can download and listen to for free is usually referred to as free music, whereas royalty-free soundtracks are ones that you can download and use in your own content without having to license them or pay royalty fees.

Now, let’s dive into the list of the best places to find royalty-free tunes for your YouTube videos.

YouTube Studio Audio Library

YouTube has its built-in audio library with over 2000 copyright-free tracks and 700 audio effects that you can download and use for your YouTube videos.

The site is easy to use and filters the files by genre, mood, artist, and duration.


BenSound has a vast library of background music suitable for presentations and videos. It also allows you to edit the song’s length and use appropriate portions for your video.

However, while the platform is easy to use, it only provides limited access for free. If you want to access more than 100 free tracks, you will have to opt for a paid subscription.

Music on BenSound also needs to be credited.


HookSounds has a collection of original tracks composed by hand-picked artists from across the globe.

If you are in search of non-generic, trendy, and unique music for your YouTube video, HookSounds is the perfect fit for you.


InVideo gives you access to thousands of royalty free audio tracks and sound effects for free.
You can find the best background music for your video quickly by searching according to genre or mood and add your selected track with one click.
An extensive media library from Storyblocks, Shutterstock and iStock that includes music.


Artlist is a pioneer in the subscription-based realm of downloading and using music.

Founded in 2015, Artlist seeks to provide YouTubers with vast creative freedom by doing away with restrictive licences and allowing users to download unlimited audio files for a fixed yearly subscription. Once downloaded, you can use the song forever.


This platform offers royalty-free tracks that are easy to license for both personal and professional use.

You can use the music unlimited times for broadcasting and advertising. EnovoMusic gives you access to a vast library of professional music at affordable rates and is a favorite among YouTubers and small businesses.


Mixkit is one of the most popular online music libraries, with a vast collection of stock music that is entirely free to download and use.

These free music tracks on the platform are curated, royalty-free, and do not require you to give any credits. Mixkit also allows you to use these tracks in YouTube videos, podcasts, and advertisements.


Foximusic is a user-friendly website that offers unlimited download and use of royalty-free background music. This music can be used in content meant for monetizing on social media.

Foximusic also has different subscription packages that allow you to make a one-time payment and use the downloaded track forever.


TakeTones was created in 2014 to allow users to access royalty-free tunes without paying additional fees.

The site is easy-to-use and has a plethora of search and filter features that will help you find the perfect music for your YouTube video. All tracks on the site are meant for commercial use.


TuneReel is a dedicated platform for content creators with a wide array of royalty-free tracks at affordable subscription prices.

TuneReel works with independent artists to find you unique soundtracks. Their site is easy to navigate, and you can find your desired track using their advanced filters.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound offers soundtracks for video and podcast creators through a commercial subscription plan.

However, while the content can be uploaded on any social media platform, you can only upload it through one account. If you choose to use a different YouTube channel in the future, Epidemic Sound lets you change the authorized account.

Note that music on this site cannot be used as background music or for digital marketing and advertising.

Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward is a musician, and his site has a collection of 200+ songs that are free to download and use.

The site also has search options, playlists, and albums, and is easy to navigate. All tracks are written, recorded, and produced by him and are available in compressed MP3 format.

You can support his efforts by giving him credits and promoting his site.


CCMixter is a widely-used site that finds itself in over 1 million games and videos.

The site allows musicians to upload their music and for content creators to download and use it in videos and games for commercial purposes. You can search for tracks by genre, style, or instrument.


Pond5 allows you to use soundtracks for personal and professional videos on any platform.

Pond5’s library has over 25 million royalty-free stock tracks. The site is known for its customer service.

Payments are made for individual items that you are authorized to use forever. You can also opt for membership plans.

Premium Beat

Premium Beat is a site by Shutterstock and has a library of over 20,000 exclusive tracks. These are categorized by genres and moods.

The site also highlights trending soundtracks that you can incorporate in your YouTube videos. The music is royalty-free and can be used forever after making a one-time payment. 


These sites are instrumental to the survival of millions of channels on YouTube. They help video makers access royalty-free music and avoid copyright strikes.

However, before you download and use any soundtracks, be mindful of the licensing and usage terms to avoid having your content removed from YouTube. 




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