If you are an independent artist, you know that Spotify is one of the most crucial and versatile music streaming services that will help you market your music. Spotify has as a host of features and tools that are designed to help any independent artist customize their profile, increase their engagement and get empowered to launch their career in the music industry. The more often you produce and release music on Spotify, the more you can increase your fanbase on the platform, and this allows Spotify to reward you better which helps you reach out to your target audience and gain the exposure you need.

Algorithms play a vital role in any digital media platform, which means that in order to achieve success you need to curate a strategy for the music you produce so that you gain more streams on Spotify. If you find that no matter what you do, you do not see an increase in Spotify streams, you can buy Spotify streams which will help you increase your fanbase on Spotify. This is one of the ideal ways to gain more streams on Spotify.

So, what are the seven best tips to promote your album on Spotify?

1. Make Sure That Your Spotify Account is Verified

Any one can come online and create a Spotify account for themselves by uploading the music of another artist. Which is why it is important that you get your Spotify account verified to let your potential followers know that they are following a legitimate account and would be even notified when you release a new track and put out announcements. In order to increase your fanbase on Spotify, you can buy Spotify streams and gain that blue tick across your name on your Spotify profile which would also help in allowing the users to be more inclined to listen to your songs.

2. Promote Your Music Tracks Not Just on Spotify But Every Social Media Platform You Can Find and Are On

Social media platforms cater to every age group of audience you can possibly find which means that it is one of the best ways to promote your Spotify album and increase your fanbase on Spotify. A lot of upcoming or newbies use social media platforms to notify people about their releasing or just released Spotify albums. Social media should play an important role in marketing and promoting your Spotify album because this gives your albums a wider access to your potential audience which would result in more Spotify streams on your albums. You can also buy Spotify streams which would help to increase your fanbase on Spotify and add value to your profile.

3. Increase Your Fanbase on Spotify

If you are an artist who has just started out, uploading your music tracks and albums would be of no use if you do not have an audience. This is why one of your best options to increase your fanbase on Spotify would be to buy Spotify streams so that you have an appropriate number of followers who would stream on to your music on the loop. You could also share the link to your Spotify albums on various social media platforms and request your followers and mutuals to share it on their feeds as well which will help you gain exposure and help you build on your audience who are interactive and engaging with your content.

4. Using Spotify Ads to Promote Your Albums

Now, Spotify is extremely user friendly so it is no surprise when their Ad studio is equally easy to use for you to handle your advertising campaign on Spotify. This tool allows you to curate and create advertising campaigns which will promote your Spotify albums and help you increase your fanbase on Spotify.

5. Collaborate With Other Artists

Now this goes without saying, but building healthy relationships with other artists will help you increase your fanbase on Spotify and allows you to also gain access to their audience as well. This will also help you increase your Spotify streams added which will also not only showcase your talent but also help in inspiring other artists.

6. Add in a Few Songs With Similar Names to the Ongoing Trending Songs on Spotify

After you buy Spotify streams, another way to increase your streams would be to name your music tracks similar to the popular songs on Spotify, which will help in more people visiting your album and discover your songs and albums.

7. Be Consistent and Proactive

You have to be consistent in your efforts to increase your fanbase on Spotify. Being active and regularly releasing your albums or even singles, will help in alerting Spotify that you are consistent in what you do. When you buy Spotify streams, this will also allow a new user to know for a fact that you are not another fake profile who uses the music tracks made by someone else as their own.

These were the seven best tips to promote your album on Spotify, especially if you are someone who is experiencing stagnant growth or even an upcoming artist, these tips will help you to progress and grow in your career. Following these tips consistently will help you grow your Spotify account and increase your fanbase on Spotify which will help you promote your new albums as well.

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