When you’re just getting interested in the world of psychic and intuitive readings, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different options available to you and many different methods that these readings can be delivered by. The following will explore some of the more popular types of psychic readings available and what you might be able to expect should you choose to have one done.

Of course, every person is different, and so every reader is going to have their own flair, approach, and personal beliefs that alter the feeling of their readings. If a certain type of reading appeals to you, but you don’t vibe with a particular reader, it’s a good idea to try someone else who offers the same form of reading.

Tarot Readings

Tarot reading is a massive industry that’s estimated to be worth around 2 billion dollars. The process involves the use of tarot cards as aids. A reader will allow you to ask a question or suggest a question and then shuffle and pull cards, explaining to you what the cards mean and how they apply to you and your situation. There are standard tarot decks, and specialty decks referred to as oracle decks. Your reader might have a preference, as might you, for which deck works well with you. There are endless ways to interpret cards, so you might want to take a look at SFGate.com for recommendations from previous clients. Reading reviews and responses can help you figure out which type of interpretation works well for you.

Astrology Readings

Astrology is the oldest continually practised and believed in spiritual perspective, and because of that, it is a very popular type of psychic reading. Astrology relies on the belief that the forces at play in your life are mirrored by the forces at play on every level of existence. Because of this, the position of the planets and other astrological bodies can help people understand what is going on in their daily life. Every astrologer will have different planets and placements that they like to focus on. Some will want to look at the layout of the planets at the moment you’re born, while others will want to look at the sky at the time the reading is taking place. If you’re unsure what would suit you, you can always take advantage of free psychic chats to test out different approaches. Many readers and platforms will allow you a few free minutes to figure out if you vibe with a particular reader.


Channelling is one of the broadest categories of psychic readings. It involves a channeler communicating with an entity in another dimension. In the same way that if you were to ask a million different humans what they thought life was about and what people should do to be good, interdimensional entities have drastically different experiences and so drastically different messages.

This is also the category of reading that requires the most skill as beings that meet with channelers might have their own motivations for sharing information. They are able to lie and leave out information. They are able to mislead to reach an end goal, though often that end goal is something very worthwhile. Channelers need to be able to feel out the being they are channelling, and they also need to be good at translating the message. Most interdimensional beings are beyond language. They communicate with the sharing of complete knowledge, which then the channeler has to translate for you to understand. The message can be limited by the channeler because of this.


Palmistry is perhaps the most referenced in films, books, and television shows. This type of reading has a long history of application. The reading tends to work better in person as it involves a reader examining the lines in your hand and informing you about the implications of what they see. The process works in a similar way to astrology and tarot readings as it’s based on the understanding that everything is a reflection of everything else. The entire universe is in your palm.


Another form of reading involves a medium interacting with someone who is dead that you knew or didn’t know. These readings tend to be incredibly intimate and are often more about closure and connection than about events that will come to be. It is worth noting that this form of reading likely has the highest amount of scammers as it is incredibly easy to mislead people when they’re super emotional. It is also a form of reading that you may or may not view as ethical depending on what you believe about the afterlife. Some people think that calling spirits back to earth is unkind as where the spirits are is a better place than here. There are also mediums who devote their time and energy to finding dead people who have not let go of their earthly life and so need help in moving on.

Aura Readings

Another popular form of reading involves the examination of auras. Auras are the energy fields surrounding everybody (and object, depending on who you speak to). Often auras change colour depending on what a person is going through or dealing with, and so reading auras can let you know what you or other people are dealing with that you’re maybe not aware of.

Numerology Readings

Numerology readings are the work of numerologists. These people interpret patterns and meanings in the numbers surrounding a person. This might mean discussing recurring numbers, but it also likely will involve an examination of the numbers surrounding your date of birth or other important dates in your life.

Past Life Readings

Some people feel there’s a bigger thing going on with their life as a whole, and in these cases, past life readings can be quite valuable. A reader who can access your past lives will be able to help you sense and understand greater patterns in your existence. Often times our spirits are trying to understand certain concepts and so approach those concepts from many different angles throughout multiple lives. For instance, someone might go to prison in one life, be a police officer in another life, and be a government policy crafter surrounding the prison system in another life. If you’re looking only at the experience of prison, you might not be able to see the value of what you’re doing in this life, but if you look at the greater patterns, you might feel more pleased with your current situation. It is worth noting that not all psychics support the idea of studying one’s past lives, as some believe that you’re here in this life to focus on this life. A good rule of thumb is to use your initial impression; if you were immediately drawn to the idea, it might be for you. If you felt deterred from the idea, maybe choose one of the other options.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. There are countless different types of readings covering a wide variety of niche approaches and focuses. Keep looking until you find one that really appeals to you.

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