Weddings are one of the most important days in one’s life and can be very overwhelming at times. Usually, families take responsibility for organizing weddings and it may take too much energy since due to inexperience there are some details that can be overseen. However, there are some couples that hire professionals to handle the entire organization of the wedding from the venue to the vendor hires. There are some common mistakes that occur during these situations and the most common ones are regarding food and odor trials. On the other hand, there are 6 things to pay close attention to when planning your wedding. 

Think About the Type of Wedding You Want to Have 

Whether you want an outdoor wedding or venue wedding, small intimate wedding, or glamorous wedding with a huge number of invitations you should be fast and decide on this as soon as possible. Each type demands thorough and careful organization and planning so that all the details are conducted and performed the best way possible. For instance, if you are planning the venue wedding then you should book the venue, estimate the number of invitations, organize food and catering, music, and many others. In the final line, this is the grounds of every other item on the list of your dream day. 

Make a Budget and Stick to It

Weddings are quite an investment and your budget will set most of the factors about your wedding. So this is the first thing to be tackled after deciding what kind of wedding you want to have. If family members are willing to join and contribute then ask and discuss with them the amount they are comfortable spending. On the other hand, if you are footing the bill on your own then you should be realistic and estimate all costs, even the ones that might not be included in the frame. Once you have the number, do not get carried away and stick to it. 


Music is yet another thing you need to consider and book if you want a perfect wedding. There are multiple options. Some more modern and urban couples choose DJs to be in charge of music and have their wedding parties being filled with some techno sound. On the other hand, some couples go with more classic options and hire a band for the special day. Music has the power to elevate the entire atmosphere and some live music and nice melodies definitely can do it. There are multiple options for this segment of the wedding and for sure is one of the most important things regarding every wedding since it is responsible for a good mood and cheerful guests.

Be Involved 

It is not the point that only one is involved in the organization of the entire event.  This is not an alone thing and you will need your significant other to be included in all the segments of the entire planning and organization. Consult on everything with your partner and take into consideration every suggestion and solution. Do not make a big deal if you do not share the same opinion about some things, the key point is to find a compromise so that both of you are happy. This can be a whole task because this will be a whole test before you make your relationship even more official. 


You surely have the sketch of the date and season you want to have your wedding organized and performed. The best way for this is to determine a few dates for your wedding so that you do not have it fixed for only one, this way you will make it more flexible. You should see how popular these days are and consider some external factors such as if the venue, catering, and vendors are not hired for the day you are trying to set your wedding too. Additionally, you should see if music is available for the date and make a booking so that you will not have that concern to think of. Also, try to estimate the date that is comfortable for your guests to attend and see if there is a huge difference in the prize for any of the dates and seasons. Apparently, the prizes of the venues and vendors can considerably differ among the seasons. 

Guest List 

Start working on your guest list and making decisions on the size of the very list. If you want to have a more private wedding then you will probably want a small circle of people. The problem is that you will not want anyone to be left out and to hurt anyone’s feelings. It would be best to agree on the guest list with key family members on the list of the wishlist of the invitations. Unfortunately, there will definitely be some cuts to be made and you will have to decide if you want children at the wedding. This is mandatory because then you will need to estimate who will be allotted additional members and you definitely do not want anyone to be standing. 

Wedding organization is definitely one of the most demanding things and it is taking a  lot of responsibility for the things you cannot control since you, as the main character, are not in the position to do so. It is a lot of business for only one to handle so you choose either you want your family to assist or to have a team of professionals that will be dealing with all the necessary things. The wedding day can be quite overwhelming and the worst thing you can do is to stress so much out about the things and if everything is going to be alright and miss the moment of joy. Remember, your wedding day is the day when you are celebrating your love and you should not let any problem that comes across ruin it. Sometimes, we have a tendency to overthink the entire thing so much that we are assured that the things turned out to be an absolute disaster even though it was the most magical moment.

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