Four Spine-Tingling Ways to Enjoy Halloween by Yourself

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Halloween has been steadily increasing in popularity in the UK over the last decade, with Brits spending over £470 million on it in 2019 alone! It’s an excellent way to celebrate the onset of autumn, full of activities for friends and families alike. But after the Covid-19 pandemic, it can still be hard for people to get back together – and you might be looking at a Halloween spent alone. But never fear! There are some excellent ways to celebrate Halloween by yourself, and here are just four of them.

Horror Film Marathon

There’s something a lot scarier about watching a film alone than with a group; maybe it’s because you don’t have anyone’s shoulders to hide behind, or maybe its that you’re an easier target when you’re by yourself… Lean in to the horror, and trick-or-treat yourself to a horror film marathon destined to give you frightmares. If you were never one for scares to begin with, consider picking the campy classics, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show – or poorly-aged B-Movie classics like Ed Wood’s near-intolerable Plan 9 From Outer Space.


You might be a little old to take yourself out trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the fun in other ways. Dedicate your Halloween to making your porch the scariest in all the land, stock up on fun-sized sweets and make up some green slime for a Halloween surprise. You can spend your evening greeting young trick-or-treaters at your door in full costume, making their night and enjoying yours all the while!

Take Yourself on a Spooky Date

There are plenty of places across the UK that boast spooky attractions and locations galore – but some stand above the rest. So why not hop on a train to York and see the sights by yourself? York is an excellent choice for taking yourself on a Halloween-y date; it’s chock full of curious shops and sights, and home to the infamous Snickelways – a serious of narrow, crooked passages survived from pre-civil war days, some of which inspired Harry Potter’s own Diagon Alley.

Spookify Your Home with a Day of Activities

If an outing isn’t quite what you’re looking for, look the other way entirely – to your home! Why not spend a day kitting out your home’s interior with cobwebs and ghoulish hangings to instil the Halloween atmosphere? You could also set out an itinerary of activities for you to enjoy throughout your day. Start off with a baking session, making themed cookies and cupcakes for yourself or for prospective trick-or-treaters. Spend your afternoon carving jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins and gourds, and place them around your house for additional spook-factor. End your day with an evening of arts and crafts; create some creepy paintings to finish off your home’s Halloween transformation.

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