Five Simple But Special Tips for Your First Christmas as a Married Couple

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You are sure to want your first Christmas as a married couple to be a magical and memorable occasion. So, here are five simple tips to help make your first Christmastime special.

1. Work Together to Decorate Your Home

Even if one of you enjoys putting up Christmas decorations more than the other, you should both spend time together coming up with decoration ideas and dressing your home for the holiday season.

 After all, this is your first Christmas together, so you will want to have fun spending time together doing all those little things that make Christmas so Christmassy.

You and your spouse can decide on things like what external decorations and lights you will put up, how big you want your Christmas tree to be, whether you will use an advent candle, and so on.

By working together, you can create a special and magical Christmas at home.

2. Invite Your Friends Over

While you are sure to see both of your families over the Christmas period, you should consider making time to have a get-together with your close friends. Many newlyweds get caught up with themselves and have a lot of stuff to attend to after the wedding and therefore do not see their friends as much, so by inviting your friends over, you can show your friends you care and have a fantastic time together.

And your friends are sure to have been at your wedding, so inviting them over for a dinner or party is your opportunity to thank them for coming to your wedding and reminisce about the big day.

3. Have a Christmassy Photoshoot to Use for a Bespoke Christmas Card

Your first Christmas should focus on doing memorable things together. So, rather than buying the usual boring Christmas greeting cards, consider having a Christmas-themed photoshoot ahead of time and using that photo for the Christmas cards you send to your friends and family members.

For instance, you could both wear Christmas sweaters and hats and wrap yourselves up in tinsel. Once you have the photo, you can easily turn it into a bespoke and special greeting card by using an online platform like Mixbook 

You can choose from hundreds of templates and countless designs, backgrounds, and customization tools to make a merry and married Christmas card to send to your loved ones.

4. Honor Family Traditions or Start Your Own

You probably have family Christmas traditions that you would like to keep going. Your spouse is probably in the same situation. So, your first Christmas as a married couple is your chance to bring together your most loved traditions.

In fact, you could even start traditions of your own. It is up to you how you continue and create Christmas traditions, but by doing so, you will undoubtedly have a special Christmas this year and for years to come.

5. Plan Time for Just the Two of You

With planning your decorations, photoshoot, and traditions, and inviting your friends over and seeing your families, the holiday season is sure to be a busy time. So, make sure that you and your spouse take time for just the two of you. 

This is your first Christmas together as a married couple after all. Ramp up the romance and spend some quality time together where you can reflect on the past year, talk about your dreams for the future, have fun, and gaze into one another’s eyes. 

Whether you follow the above tips or not, make sure you spend time planning your perfect Christmas with your partner so that you can have a special and magical Christmas that you will always remember.

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