Christmas can get very expensive, between the price of decorations and food. The festive period is all about spending money and buying things these days. People get overly stressed about buying the best gifts, cakes, decorations and much more. Christmas should be a time to relax and spend with your family. You don’t need all of the pomp and circumstance of an expensive Christmas. It’s time to put down your credit card and start enjoying the festive season again. 

Here are a few ways you can save money this Christmas. 

Unsubscribe from newsletters

In December, our inboxes are flooded with Christmas discounts, deals and offers. Unsubscribe from these emails and avoid the temptation of buying something you do not need. Your inbox will be much easier to handle, and you can remove all the junk mail from your phone. Toss any catalogues in the bin and install ad-block software onto your browser. Genius!

Re-evaluate your traditions

Take a hard look at your Christmas traditions, and think about what’s really important. Over the years, the traditions might have piled up. You don’t need to buy new stockings, new decorations, and gifts for every single family member. Sit down with your close family and chat about what’s important to you. If you like to give and receive gifts, do a secret Santa with the family instead. Set a budget that everyone can afford, and hand out wish lists with every name. Every person will get something they actually want, and you can drastically cut down your spending. 

Give back

We spend so much time buying things at Christmas; we often forget to give back. Instead of buying lots of new toys for your children, you could look at doing a reverse advent calendar. Every day in December, ask them to place one toy in a box. It can be anything – big or small. Give the box of toys to a homeless shelter or children’s charity at the end of the month. A reverse advent calendar is a fantastic way to teach your family about giving back to the local community. 

Give your children a chocolate advent calendar as well to reward them for their selfless work. Everyone deserves a sweet treat in December. 

Have an honest conversation

It’s been a rough two years for everyone. Many people have financial difficulties, and this Christmas is going to be tough. Have an honest conversation with your friends and family about money and explain your situation. You don’t have to go into the details. Just let them know that Christmas is tight this year, so you won’t receive gifts or expect to receive them. 

Switch things up this Christmas and put your spending to one side.  

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