Do you exercise? Has your exercise endurance decreased over the years? As you age, your exercise endurance can decrease. This is because as you get older, your muscle mass decreases and so does the level of exercise tolerance. But there are a few things that you can do to boost your energy levels and increase your exercise endurance! Read on for some useful ways to make exercise more enjoyable and less strenuous!

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

One of the primary things to do to increase exercise endurance is never to skip breakfast. Skip the doughnuts, pastries, and fruit juices that are so readily available in most break rooms or vending machines. Instead, choose a healthy breakfast from whole grains like oatmeal or quinoa with fresh berries for easy protein such as eggs, nuts, or even some yogurt topped with gran.

Tip for breakfast: a healthy breakfast can help you increase your exercise stamina and even have more ambition to exercise early in the morning. Start with a nutritious, high-protein meal at least one hour before exercise as well as choose whole grains that prove to be more beneficial for your health.

In parallel to this, there is also the option for you to take supplements. In this case, take the time to explore online sources where you may come across reviews about the best supplements you can take. In most of these supplement reviews,  it is recommended for you to take them in the morning. In this way, your body will be able to maximize the benefits you get from them.

However, being conscious of what you eat doesn’t end during breakfast. Make it a habit to go for a light lunch that is also healthy as well as a nice dinner that will be able to cap your day.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated

When you exercise, muscles and tissues in your body require more water than usual. This is why it’s important to drink plenty of fluids when exercising so that the amount of dehydration can be reduced as much as possible. Sports drinks are also great for people who exercise a lot because they replace some salts and minerals lost through sweating while still providing fluid.

Being properly hydrated is important, not only for exercise endurance but also for your general health. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is key to this and a good way to do it would be by packing bottles in your bag or even having some beside you at work where you can enjoy them while on break.

Bonus Tip: drinking enough fluids such as bottled water will help or if you want to help preserve the environment too, bring a refillable water bottle with you.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night 

Another thing that you can do to increase exercise endurance is getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can eventually add up to a lot, so you must address the issue before it becomes too problematic for your health and fitness goals. Sleep experts recommend sleeping seven or more hours a day on average with few exceptions. In this case, it is a good idea to make yourself comfortable at night and avoid any activities that could disrupt your sleep.

Tip for sleeping: if you exercise in the morning or afternoon and it’s hard to fall asleep at night, consider taking a nap before dinner so that you can wake up refreshed for exercise. This will help with energy levels as well as endurance during exercise.

Take breaks from working out

There is also the option for you to take breaks when you exercise. Aside from the general benefit of taking a break, it should also be considered as part of your exercise routine because taking regular breaks is an effective way to recover and reduce the risk of injury which can eventually lead to burnout or exhaustion.

One thing that most people don’t know about stretching is that this doesn’t have to be done after exercise. Stretching can also serve as a way of warming up your muscles before exercise because it increases blood flow and the elasticity of muscle tissue which improves performance when exercising.

In addition to this, consider the most proactive way of exercising, which is by doing interval training. This type of exercise breaks down exercise into intervals where you are active and then inactive in quick succession, alternating between the two types of activity for a total period that’s usually less than one hour. 

Avoid eating too many sweets, processed foods, or salty snacks

You can also gain more endurance and increase your energy levels by avoiding eating too many sweets, processed foods, or salty snacks which can hurt your exercise performance. As much as possible, eat whole foods that are rich in protein, healthy fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates instead. This will give you more energy and improve your overall health.

You can instead, try cooking your food and experimenting with different flavors and ingredients. This will make the exercise even more enjoyable because you’re able to eat the food that you love while still getting all of the necessary nutrients for exercise endurance.

Remember that exercise is about more than just physical fitness

Last but not least, exercise is about more than just physical fitness. To increase exercise endurance and boost your energy levels, you must work on all aspects of your life, such as managing stressors in one’s relationships or taking care of yourself by getting adequate sleep and eating healthy meals.

It’s important for your health and happiness, as well as your success, to make sure that all these steps are taken every day. If you’re looking for more information on how exercise can change your life or want help implementing some of these tips in a plan tailored specifically for your needs, then you can always reach out to professional fitness trainers who are in the best position to provide you with sound advice.

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