Your patio is a part of your house that isn’t just for impressing guests and passersby — apparently, it can also affect the value of your home.Therefore, it is vital that you keep it in its best shape, so it will last longer and will stay looking its very best. If you want to know how, then, read on.


If your porch is made out of wood, which most homes usually have, one of the ways you can do to protect it is to stain it. Stain allows the wood’s natural beauty to stand out even more, helping you keep the variety and texture of the wood’s grain. It also protects the wood without fully covering it up, just like paint.

This may require some frequent application, though, which is a downside for busy homeowners. Also, it’s not for those who aren’t into rustic aesthetics. Nevertheless, it’s still a beautiful way to protect your porch.


Many people are often torn between staining or painting their porch. Well, actually, both are good for protecting your porch. However, each also comes with its pros and cons that every homeowner should consider.

For paint, it has a thicker finish than stain. Hence, it can provide better protection for your porch. Aside from resisting rot and mold, it can also help your porch fight sun damage. Paint doesn’t easily get washed off too, unlike stain, which is more ideal for busy homeowners.

However, it can be a bit difficult to repaint. And once you go with the paint, there’s no turning back. It also becomes slippery when wet or icy.

Despite that, it’s still a good choice and can still fair well with stain. You just find which will work best for you.

Install Sun Blockers

Everyone knows the benefits of sun exposure. However, too much of it can be bad too, even for your porch.

When exposed too much to direct heat and sunlight, your furniture and flooring could easily fade, leaving you with a dull-looking porch. The sun can also do more physical damage to wood by weakening them over time.

That said, make sure to get some sun blockers too. Having a retractable awning installed is one of the wisest decisions you should go for. If it’s too hot for you, you can easily set up your retractable awning. And if you want to bask in the sun, you can easily retract it.

Sun blockers, like awnings, can protect your porch while improving your exteriors’ aesthetics. They’re a practical and lovely addition to your porch.

Add Greens

Speaking of sun protection, another way to keep the harmful rays of the sun out of your porch is by adding more organic shades to your areas, such as trees and other plants.

Trees are, of course, good for the environment, and they can give you some shade. However, it will take some time before you could enjoy the shade they will provide your porch. And if they get bigger, their roots might affect your home. So, if you’re planning to plant a tree, make sure to plan it well.

If you want an organic and faster way to add more protection to your porch, you can also consider other shade plants. If you place them strategically on your porch, you’ll not only enjoy some shade, but they can also beautify your space even more.

Control Pests

Aside from strong weather conditions, pests can do damage to your porch too. And if they become out of control, they can even compromise your health and safety.

That said, make sure to control the pests on your porch as early as you can. One of the ways to do that is by calling the help of professionals. They have the right treatments and pieces of equipment for your concerns, making the process safer for everyone in your household.

Cover Your Floor

Covering your floor is also one of the ways to protect your porch. However, make sure that you’re not using some ordinary carpeting and rugs.

Apparently, there are now new models of carpeting and rugs that are entirely made to protect your outdoor flooring. They’re made of weather-resistant materials, ensuring tough protection from the sun, dirt, and even water. The best part of it is that they come in various colors and designs that will make your home cozy.

Install a Screen

It’s always great to spend some time on the porch. It also serves as a nice place to gather with your guests. However, birds, hornets, bats, and insects are just some of the homeowners’ enemies.

The first three usually build their nests in hidden spots on your porch. Meanwhile, insects will not only scare you but some of them also bite, especially mosquitoes during summer.

But, a screen will help you deal with them. It can protect you by keeping animals and insects out of your porch, so you can spend all your free time without worrying about any of them.


Dust and mold can greatly damage your property over time and affect your home’s aesthetics. So, from time to time, make sure to clean your porch to prevent mold and dust from growing and accumulating.

If you have time, you can simply do the cleaning on your own by sweeping, dusting, and power cleaning. Also, don’t forget about your outdoor furniture. Wipe any dust and stain, so they will not depreciate. This may require some effort, but your porch will thank you a lot for it.

But, if you don’t or if you want to have it deep cleaned, calling professional help would be the best option. While it may require some dollars, it’s still worth giving a try as they can solve your problems right away with the right tools and products they have.

With a well-maintained porch, you can increase your home’s value. In fact, the word says you can enjoy more than 80% of return on investment just by adding a porch to your home, Thus, make sure to protect it, so its pristine state will last long.

Photo by Robin Jonathan Deutsch on Unsplash




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