We always hear that water is the best thing for our health, yet most of us never take it as seriously as we should. Although there is no scientific evidence behind the “drink eight glasses of water a day” rule, drinking plenty of water is essential for our health. Water makes up to 60% of our body weight. It is a huge part of our blood, brain, bones, and other body tissues. As a large amount of water is removed from the body through sweating, urination, and defecation, we need to rehydrate our bodies well to compensate for this water loss. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should increase your daily water intake:

Water is Good For Your Skin

Sufficient water intake keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. Dehydration causes your skin to be vulnerable to a lot of skin infections and premature wrinkles. When you feel your skin is losing more water through sweating, increase water consumption to fill up the skin cells to compensate for the water loss. Water acts as a barrier to lose extra moisture from the skin. You can also use a moisturizer to help expand the life of this barrier.

Water Maintains Fluid Balance In The Body

Water makes up a huge part of the fluids in our body. These fluids play a vital role in digestion, absorption, metabolism, excretion, brain functioning, and many other processes of the body. Hence, drinking more water maintains the fluid balance and keeps your body working well. When you are thirsty or your body runs low on body fluids, the brain initiates thirst mechanisms and you feel a need to drink water. Don’t ignore this message from your brain — be sure to drink water (or any other fluid of your choice).

Water Can Help You Lose Weight

If you are interested in losing weight, water instead of sugary drinks can help to make this long and hard journey relatively easy. Taking one or two glasses of water before a meal makes you feel fuller and thus you eat less. Not only plain water but also fruits and vegetables that contain higher water content are good for weight loss. This is because these are bigger and take more time for absorption as well. Thus you feel fuller.

Water Keeps You Hydrated

Nearly every part of the body needs water to perform its function. For instance, the heart, blood system, brain, spinal cord, tissues, kidneys, intestines, and every organ operate well when hydrated. On the other hand, dehydration is the leading cause of many infections throughout whole body.

For a sportsperson or anyone who needs excess physical activity, hydration adds to your strength and power. Similarly, water consumption during exercise helps you work out better and minimize heat strain due to increased body temperature. Dehydration causes decreased blood pressure, high body temperature, seizures, and even death in extreme cases.

There are specially designed water bottles available in the market that help you to keep a track of your water intake according to your body weight and needs. Or you can take advantage of a great discount by using Cirkul coupons and take control of your fluid consumption with a variety of available flavors. Plain water along with non-carbonated drinks can help you restore your water level in the body easily.

Water Helps in Removing Waste From The Body

Our body removes waste from the body through three major processes: sweating, urination, and defecation. All of these systems require water for optimal functioning. If we are not meeting the body’s water requirements, it will affect our skin, temperature regulation mechanisms, kidneys, small and large intestine altogether. Urine color is the #1 indicator of hydration level in the body. The pale color usually indicates low hydration in the body.

Water Helps Prevent Constipation

It’s a common practice to increase fiber intake to relieve constipation. But drinking a good quantity of water and magnesium intake is also effective in this case. However, there is no evidence that water can cure constipation. Yet it can be a good preventive measure to avoid constipation and maintain a good bowel flow.

Water Regulates Our Body Temperature

Our skin stores huge amount of water in its middle layers. When our body temperature rises either in the case of warm weather or fever, water moves to the upper layer and is removed as sweat. This lowers our body temperature and provides a cooling effect. Regulation of normal body temperature is essential for overall body performance and well-being. Thus you should keep a track of your water intake and take a water bottle with you every time. So that you won’t miss a chance to drink water whenever your body needs it or when you feel thirsty.

Water Aids in Digestion

Whenever we eat food, it is broken down by the water molecules present in the stomach. The better it is metabolized the more we get out of our food and have better digestion. Similarly, when it passes from the small intestine water is absorbed and used in the absorption and assimilation process. Stools are converted from liquid to solid form when the large intestine absorbs water from the digested food. Therefore, water is needed for normal digestion as well as the excretion of extra waste from the body.

Water is Important for Muscles and Heart Functioning Well

Blood contains a considerable amount of water. If the body is in dehydrated condition, blood thickens and results in several cardiovascular disorders. It also disturbs the electrolyte balance of the body that has a role in normal muscle and heart functioning. Also, less water consumption lowers the blood volume and thus blood pressure.

When you drink water, metabolism is activated. Muscles get enough energy and you feel more active and energized. Moreover, keep sipping water during exercise to increase its effectiveness and boost up your energy level as well. 

We need water to survive. Nearly all parts of the body require sufficient quantities of water for normal functioning. So, we should be kind to ourselves and drink a good amount of water each day. You will see a clear difference in your overall health and well-being after increasing your water intake.




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