6 Effective Ways to Protect Your Home Against Intruders

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With more than 1.4 million reported burglaries in the USA every year, it makes sense to take precautions and protect your home from intruders.  Read our simple tips for keeping your family and your valuable possessions safe.

1. Install an integrated  security system

If you don’t already have one, this is a priority – it’s the proven number one deterrent for burglars. From the most basic to an ultra-sophisticated installation, ensure you consult a professional who can advise on the best alarm system for your needs.  Smart systems, which allow home monitoring and are controlled from any mobile device, are widely viewed as the most versatile and effective means of home protection.

2. Take care when you travel

The peak time for burglaries is during July and August, so take additional precautions when you travel and don’t advertise the fact that your home is empty.

It’s not a good idea to tell the world that you’re in the middle of a two-week vacation out of state, or that you’ve taken your family on a weekend camping trip.  Be cautious about what you make public on social media – post only when you return.

3. Use motion-sensing tech

Motion-sensitive surveillance  can record any activity and send images directly to your phone to warn you that someone is about to invade – giving you time to alert the police or prepare your response if you’re inside the home. Cameras range from full-flash options to startle a would-be intruder, to low flash or no-flash models to capture still or video images of an intruder without them realizing what’s happening.

Likewise, motion-sensitive floodlights can be useful to startle a would-be intruder and make them seek an easier target.

4. Doors and windows

Did you change your locks when you moved into the home? Many of us fail to do this, and as a consequence we have no idea who may still have copies, for later use.  Ideally, you’ll install smart locks, but at the very least all your doors should have deadlocks so they can’t be forced open.

Likewise, your windows should have locks secured from inside and the panes made harder to break with security film or shatter-resistant glass.  Anything that slows intruders down will make your home less of a target.

5. Eliminate hiding spots

Don’t make it easy for intruders to hide in your exterior areas. Cut back bushes, or other places which provide cover for someone to conceal themselves.  Remove low-hanging tree branches, especially if they could be used to climb up and enter the property via a window.

6. Invest in some door wedges alarms

When your budget is limited, but you’d like to secure your doors at night, door wedge alarms are a cost effective investment.  Any attempts to push the door open results in an ear-splitting 120db alarm being emitted.  This simple device can be heard up to 300 yards away, so it should be enough to derail any plans an intruder may have had in mind!

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