Spending time with our families is incredibly important, though we often have the time to do it, despite the fact most of us have been forced indoors with our families because of the pandemic and have been unable to go out or do anything else. Spending time with your family does not need to be a chore, quite the contrary actually, spending time with your family can be fun, eye-opening, and it can be a great way to ground yourself. Instead of searching for fun everywhere but your family, find it in them.

In today’s article, we are going to offer you a few top suggestions for spending quality time with your family this year.

Going Abroad

It is predicted that between May to June, many US states will open their doors again and allow foreign travelers in. Because of this, you might want to consider going abroad. If you have children, you could check out Walt Disney World, for which you can likely find Disney World vacation discounts online quite easily, being that their business has been incredibly quiet for nearly a year now. Really, a vacation anywhere is much-needed and will definitely be appreciated, though you may need a vaccine to leave the country. Give a holiday abroad some thought.


Getting outdoors and into nature is something recommended to us by our governments at the moment. Because most of us have spent the last year locked in our homes, our fitness has gone down the drain. Getting outdoors and going for a hike in nature is a fantastic way to become reacquainted with the great outdoors, as well as getting your heart pumping. Hiking is very fun and is a great way to spend time with your family. Be sure to find an awesome trail with lots of sights and things to do along the way.


If you are out hiking, well, you might as well go all the way and go camping too. Camping is very fun, and as the weather is picking up, now is the best time for you to do so. Be careful when you are out camping if you are not camping at an official campground. Every year, thousands of people come a bit too close for comfort with bears, wolves, and mountain lions, and while the chances of you being hurt are very low, don’t risk it, especially if your family is with you. Camp at official campgrounds only.


Fishing is a great way to get out with your family, especially your sons, and spend some time by the creek. Fishing is one of this author’s favorite past times, and it is definitely a fantastic way to bond with your loved ones. Fishing is easy to learn if you are an amateur, and it is quite a cheap hobby to fund. Why not take your family out for a day to the creek and catch some bull trout? It will be a day out that they never forget, and they may come to love fishing if they don’t already.

Outdoor Cinema

Well, while indoor cinemas remain closed, outdoor cinemas are seeing a new life. Taking your family to an outdoor cinema could be a fantastic way for you to spend time with them. Outdoor cinemas are very nostalgic, and if you are from that generation, will bring back a lot of great memories. Why not take your family to an outdoor cinema on a spooky Friday scare night? Outdoor cinemas and horror movies hearken back to a simpler time, a time that your family will come to appreciate when you are all parked up in your car, eating popcorn, and having a laugh.


Getting outdoors and playing sports, while incredibly simple, can also be very intimate and can help you to bond and make memories. Whatever the sport is that your family prefers, get outdoors and play it with them. Football, tennis, rugby, whatever, get involved. If you do go and play sports in a public park, be sure to keep your distance from other people and wear your personal protective equipment. If your family is not into sports, then you could always just play sports in video game format, that usually works!

The Zoo

Well, most zoos are outdoors, and since outdoor attractions are now allowed to open, why not go down to the zoo? The zoo is a lot of fun and is a personal haunt of mine. The zoo can be very educational if you have young children, too. Instead of loafing about at home, why not set out to the zoo to see some lions, tigers, and bears? The zoo does require you to maintain social distance, but you can come in parties of six in most places, provided that you wear your personal protective equipment. Bring a picnic, too, and have a snack by the lion enclosure!


Rowing is always fun. If you want to get outdoors, get fit, and encourage your family to appreciate nature, then going rowing could be for you. Rowing is a lot of fun and can improve your health considerably if you keep at it. Rowing is also quite cheap, so you do not need to worry about spending a fortune. Often, you can rent a rowing boat for a very reasonable price, and that will give you a day ticket, giving you and your family an entire day unsupervised on the water, free to explore.

It is important to distinguish this year from other years, because some activities, pandemic considered, are inaccessible at the moment. Still, just because you can’t do as much as you would have done a few years ago does not mean that you can’t have fun, and if you have a vaccine, you may well be able to go and do the same old activities you would have done before. Getting outdoors with your family is something you have likely been waiting for, and the suggestions here should help you to do just that.

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