5 Ways Decluttering Can Benefit Your Wellbeing

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A disorganized and dirty home or workplace can affect a person’s wellbeing. Piles of clothes, toys, books, and unnecessary items in your bedroom, living room, or office have an impact on how you perceive things. In worse-case scenarios, clutter can also lead to health problems. In this article, you’ll learn how decluttering can benefit not only your home or office but also your overall wellbeing. In addition, you can even help out others by creating a donation drive for things you won’t be using anymore. The perfect time to declutter is today, as it brings you tons of benefits. Here are some of them:

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Being surrounded by a pile of unorganized items can make you anxious and irritable. That’s why it’s essential to set aside time to declutter your home and workplace. Start by going through your things; check which ones are useful and which could be discarded.

As mentioned, you can choose to donate your old clothes, books, shoes, kitchenware, or excess furniture. But not all things can be donated to charity. Avoid donating televisions and other gadgets containing harmful substances to humans and the environment.

Improves Your Sleep Quality

Having a tight work schedule can make cleaning and decluttering the least of your priorities. You might end up sleeping with more and more items piling up in your bedroom.

You might not notice it, but clutter in your bedroom can interrupt your sleep quality. Even when you close your eyes, your subconscious mind will still be aware of its disturbing presence. Because of this, it will be harder for your mind and body to settle down. Seeing these items right before you sleep isn’t conducive to a peaceful sleep. 

So, before hitting the hay, make it a habit to declutter your bedroom to ensure you get a restful night’s sleep.

Decluttering Keeps You Moving

The thought of decluttering your home may seem like a tiring activity, but it’s beneficial for your physical health. Cleaning, organizing, and packing boxes require a lot of moving around. But in a way, though, cleaning and decluttering could be regarded as good forms of exercise. Stay physically active by decluttering your home regularly.

Here are some tips to help you stay active while decluttering without tiring you that much:

  • Process Clutter In Various Home Areas: You may not realize that disorganized items could go unnoticed for quite some time. Plan to remove all clutter from one room to another. Use a box, basket, or a bag to put unnecessary things you’ll find.
  • Declutter A Room From Top To Bottom: Start at the top level, such as the attic, and work your way down the garage or basement. In this way, you can transform your home fast and easy. 
  • Declutter Inside Out: If there’s too much mess in one room, start decluttering from the center to the perimeter to see the progress faster. You can also begin decluttering things nearest the door, working your way to the center until you reach the walls. Another way is decluttering items in a counterclockwise or clockwise fashion inside the room.
  • Grab-And-Go Approach: Use a small container, box, bag, or basket to place scattered items as you pick them up. Avoid being overwhelmed in managing a big mass of stuff with a grab-and-go approach like CLAYGO (clean as you go).
  • Reduces Home Allergens

It’s easier for the dust to accumulate in your home if you have so many things sitting around that remain unused and uncleaned for a long time. These allergens are harmful to health, causing allergies, fever, asthma, and more. Thus, you must regularly declutter your home. Include all rooms you seldom use, like the attic. 

Collected dust from these unused areas can still find its way to circulate into your living room, polluting indoor air quality. Know that a dust-free home with properly maintained furniture and surfaces promote good airflow. Setting a weekly schedule can help reduce home allergens and avoid marathon decluttering.

Creates a Happy and Peaceful Environment

Clutter can cause stress, irritability, and anxiety. A messy environment could affect relationships within the household, disrupting the happiness and peacefulness in the home. You probably have witnessed siblings fighting over who will do the household chores or pick up scattered things around. Even busy couples have issues organizing things. The problem could even trigger heated arguments, all because of having a messy home.

Family members can help each other declutter the house to promote a happier and more peaceful living environment. Don’t wait for your home to become chaotic before decluttering. Start early to avoid tedious organizing later on. 

Start Decluttering Today

With these points mentioned, now you know how decluttering will make you feel good about your clean home. Decluttering improves health and wellbeing. So, don’t hesitate to start decluttering today and reap the benefits. Start doing small tasks and work your way to the bigger duties while enjoying the process.

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