After spending so much time at home over the last year, many people have got very tired of looking at their peeling wallpaper and messy bedrooms. But it is difficult to get the energy to keep it organized and clean all the time when it just gets bad again by lunchtime. Here are our tips on feeling good about your home.


Get a blanket, put it in the middle of the floor, and put everything from every drawer and cupboard on it. Be ruthless and put everything you don’t want into a giant box. List it all on eBay or a selling app like Depop and make money off all that junk. Put it in a savings account and spend it on a holiday once all this is over. Knowing that is there will make you dream about better times and feel great about yourself. Having fewer items in your house will feel refreshing and spacious. Everything will fit better, and you should feel like a new you.


Organize and make sure you know where everything is, do a drawer a day so that it doesn’t take up all your time. Think about where your storage is in your house and reorder it all. Change where you keep the tools or the pens, the electricals and the books. Organize everything and while you do clean it all. You will feel incredible afterward and you’ll always know where everything is, which will give your mind time to chill.


Paint a wall or furniture. Anything you like really, just buy a pot of your favourite colour and paint. You will feel creative and happy while doing it and love the feeling you have afterward when you are looking at your handy work.

Save Energy

If you have a pot of money somewhere, spend it on refitting your radiators. These days you can buy some stylish and chic vertical radiators UK that you will love looking at. They are more modern art than anything else. They will also save you money in the long run off your energy bills, so it works out great all around.

Open Windows

Let in the fresh air each day, don’t let your home get too stuffy and feel like there is no oxygen left. Airing out your home will make you feel refreshed and ready to face anything.

Get Gardening

This is the month to get growing your own food from seed. Plant up a few seeds and watch them grow. If you don’t have a garden, grow them in pots in your house. How great would you feel to have a wall of your lounge covered in corn plants? Or a haven of tomatoes in the bathroom? Maybe not, but kitchen gardens are a big thing and you’d be surprised with how easy most herbs and food are to grow.

Keep positive and start enjoying your time spent at home. Remember, spring is just around the corner and summer after that. Some good old-fashioned Vitamin D will leave you feeling happy and great, so get all this done now in the colder months and you’ll have more time for fun in the sun.

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