Adulting is hard, as well as dating. As Christian, we do share the same faith in believing that Jesus is our personal Lord and savior but when it comes to dating, we hear a lot of suggestions and tips from different people around us. It is important to note that even though people have different opinions about it, you need to bring back your focus to the teachings of Jesus in the Bible. There are a lot of teaching about finding love that you can find in the Bible. Never forget that Jesus is love and that you can always base your perspective on dating.

In today’s world, “hooking up”, “hanging out” is the common description of dating. But, as a Christian, how do you maintain your stand in these twisted standards of dating in this world? Not all sites are intended for this kind of dating style. There are a lot of dating sites specifically made for Christian men and women who want to find love. An established dating site,, is a safe site for you to look for a match or to simply get to know people who share the same faith. This site is intended to make sure that the person you’re looking for has the same ground that you can share which is very important in dating. Having the same beliefs and interpretations is crucial for you to make a connection.

Should Christians conform to the world when it comes to dating? As a follower of Christ, you are to obey the Lord’s commands in all areas of life. You do not have to freak out about the world’s dating standards, you have to stand your ground as salt and light of this world. To give you further practical tips to help you with dating. 

9 Practical Dating Tips for Christians:

1. Think about marriage, not just dating

You don’t just date for the sake of having a temporary companion in boring times or just to pass time. As a Christian, you value your time with the person that you connect to. When it comes to dating, your goal is not solely on having fun in dating but your goal is to find the person with whom you’ll share a lifetime with. Your vision is for a long-term relationship.

2. Draw your boundaries when it comes to intimacy

In this oversexualized world, it is important to set your boundaries and limitations to your relationship. You must keep your ground on the things that you should and should not do in a relationship. It is important to train your brain with positive Godly thoughts. Even if the world is declaring pre-marital sex a new norm in relationships. You must hold on to what the Bible is instructing you. Sex is a sacred gift by the Lord to married couples. Therefore, sex is solely confined on the premises of marriage and not before marriage nor outside of marriage. This is where parents and the local church can guide and help you and your partner in this difficult area of dating.

3. Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers

A yoke is a harness placed together on two oxen, so if one of them goes too fast while the other is not, it will not work perfectly. Having a relationship with someone who does not have the same faith with you, will make you and your relationship suffer. You need to make sure that you’re both on the same page, you have the same ground and the same speed to make it work.

4. Consider someone who loves the Lord

Although, this is not a foolproof plan. You should be able to discern if that person is yielding his/her life to Jesus. Parents can help by taking a close look at a person’s actions. You can assess if that person is displaying the fruits of the Spirit. Not all who claim to be Christians are real followers of Christ, so you must be able to discern this.

5. Be still and let God bless your relationship

While it’s good to hang out and chill with your partner, it is also important that at times you need to be still and let God work in your relationship. To nurture a deep and meaningful relationship, let the Lord guide you and your partner in your relationship.

6. Pray together

The couple that prays together, stays together. There is no such thing as a perfect partner or perfect relationship, what can bond people together is through prayer. If you are doing devotions together, you are cultivating your dependence and guidance from God in all aspects of your lives. It is always best to lay your commitment, relationship, and your future together in the palms of God.

7. Put on your full armor of God

You have to keep in mind that this world is the playing field of the enemy. Therefore when the enemy sees an opportunity to break you or to make you sin, you must be prepared with the basic understanding of the word of God and daily prayer of covering to make your relationship pleasing to the Lord. That is why it is important that you feed your soul with daily bites of the word of God and strengthen your faith with daily devotions.

8. Seek the Holy Spirit

At an early age, you can start praying for your future spouse. You can also start praying if getting married is the will of the Lord for you. During the dating stage, it is still vital to continue to seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and leading. You need to continually pray for your partner and your relationship.

9. Always place Jesus as the center of your relationship

This is the most important thing to consider when in a relationship. Naturally, God is the ultimate source of love. Dating can be complicated for some but for Christians dating is the precursor for marriage. A healthy dating relationship is centered on God. 

The most important thing in dating is to form your foundation in the love of God as well as the teachings that go with it. It should always answer if are you spending your time with someone who strengthens your faith or some who strays you away from the source of love.

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