It would be indeed a dream package – to combine travel with studying. However, unless you are wealthy, spending a semester abroad might also put a hole in your wallet. There is a reason why the popularity of freelancing is on the rise. It opened doors for students to pursue their wanderlust while being able to earn money from anywhere in the world. The basic concept is simple. Save up enough money from your part-time jobs to travel during your breaks, and then stretch your dollars with the freelancing jobs as you go. In this guide, you will find a list of potential opportunities that will get you accommodation or money in exchange for a job well done. 

Freelance Writer 

The writing industry is always in demand for expert writers who can take on any subject. As a student, you might have approached writing services such as EssayHub with “write my essay for me” requests. But you do not always need to be a master’s or Ph.D. holder to pursue freelance writing. There are several other niches where writing continues to be relevant. Be it technical writing, blogs, copywriting, or content writing, those who can provide readable and persuasive content can always find jobs. 

Teach English Abroad 

If you have any spare time, we suggest that you invest in getting a TEFL certification. Native speakers with TEFL are in demand in non-native English speaking countries as language tutors. The specifications of the work might vary from school to school and the country you are in. For instance, in Middle Eastern countries, prior teaching experience is usually preferred. However, that is not mandatory in some destinations such as China or Japan. 

The bright side is you can even tutor students through online lessons when traveling is not possible. With a large portion of education moving online, this is an excellent way to make money. Search for ESL groups on social media or websites to start working on your teaching skills. 

Working Holiday Visa 

A working holiday visa program is designed to make it easy for students to experience a new culture. Such programs are available in numerous places, including Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Depending on your age and nationality, you can live in the country and work a non-professional job. The duration is from six to 24 months, much longer than the time limit if entered with a visitor visa. 

Social Media Manager 

It wouldn’t be so far-fetched to say that in the digital world, social media is actually inevitable for the traveling industry. Yes, the industry of influencers is almost saturated at this point. But the audience is always looking for unique and real content. If you don’t have experience in this arena, the internet is not short of online courses to prep you. You can apply for a vacant position with a marketing company or offer your services as an independent consultant. All you need a laptop and a strong wifi connection to carry out your job from any corner of the world.

Web Developer

Are you an IT student, or have an affliction towards coding? There hardly is any other skill that is more sought-after these days. Every company is venturing into cyberspace and in constant need of web developers. Moreover, this is a field where companies actually prefer to hire remote workers. In addition, you do not always need work experience, rather a portfolio of how well you can do your job. You can also narrow down the niche applications of web development or divert to web designing. Either way, the tag of a programmer always has its perks. 

Work for Accommodation

Hostels have also quickly adapted to catering to student travelers. They are eager to hire students on short-term positions in exchange for free boards, and sometimes, meals. In some places, you might even get paid a couple of dollars hourly. Today there are worldwide student communities that can connect you to such opportunities. Worldpackers can steer you to volunteering jobs in hostels, NGOs, eco-centers, schools, and other organizations. While it might not make you money, you will be able to save the cost of accommodation and gain unique travel experiences. Another way to do this is to house-sit or work on an organic farm. You can find such available positions in Mind my House and WWOOF for both of these jobs, respectively. 

Wrapping Up

Most long-term travelers make sure they have multiple sources of money. Most of these jobs listed here will give you enough time to experience the place. You’ll get to know the people and make the most of your travel adventure without breaking the bank.

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