3 Top-Rated Attractions and Activities in New Zealand

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New Zealand has been in the news a lot lately. This is the country that managed to keep the 2020 craziness under control twice, and the administration that showed the world there is a way to do things better. But most people know about this country from before it became a global role model of efficiency and good measures. New Zealand is one of those countries that are on everyone’s bucket list. The country has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions and activities to almost any type of visitor, from hyper-energetic adventurers to the lazy kind. Since the list could go on and on (forever), we will only list the top three attractions and activities, but we’re sure you will be hooked!

#1: The People (they like to have fun)

One of the main reasons this country is so special in the hearts of travelers is the people. New Zealanders are called kiwis, and they are some of the friendliest, funniest, most laidback people in the world. They enjoy having fun and you’ll rarely find a kiwi person that doesn’t like going on outdoor adventures (after all, they do have the right environment for it!). And, unlike many countries filled up with tourists, they enjoy making new friends and being hospitable. Not to mention, their food and wine are amazing! Now all this spirit and energy is directed towards all sorts of fun social places such as locals where you can dance, eat, and drink with the locals. But, if you want to take it up a notch, they also love games – there are plenty of casinos and locals where one can enjoy a bit of gambling fun. In addition, you can also play online, on platforms like Casumo casino – in New Zealand online gambling is legal if the online casino is based outside the country. 

#2: A Sunset on the Beach Like No Other

New Zealand is a country of wondrous terrains and fantastic scenery, but if there’s only one thing you could experience, we recommend a sunset on Okarito Beach. The beach is deserted and usually hit by storms, but it sits right below the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps. It’s also right by the Okarito Lagoon, an area that’s considered a refuge for thousands of native birds (among which you can find some endangered species). However, besides the adventure and jaw-dropping beauty of nature, the one thing that will always stay with you is the blood-red sun as it drops into the ocean. There is no other place in the world where you’ll feel so in-sync with nature than here!

#3: Extreme Sports

If you want adventure, you’re in the right place! There are tons of extreme activities one can do (some you didn’t even know existed!). Among the most popular, there’s skydiving (basically anywhere), white-water rafting, ziplines, transalpine hiking, caving, paragliding, and so much more! Still, it’s important to establish a budget just for these types of activities. There is so much to do that you may get too excited to stop before you blow all your money on extreme adventures!

Wrap Up

From the Waitomo cave (the one with the glow worms) to amazing hiking trips and ending with unforgettable reservations, New Zealand will always have something new to show its visitors. But the one thing that makes it such a great destination is the warmth of its people. So, we recommend taking things slow and enjoying it one activity at a time. True, this means you may have to visit again and again, but it is definitely a location that will remain close to your heart.

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