With the restrictions implemented as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic being lifted, people are beginning to set out on adventures and begin travelling. Travelling can change your life completely. You can have the opportunity to meet new people, to immerse yourself in foreign cultures, and to see things you could never have dreamed of seeing. Travelling is an experience that will redefine who you are and shape the rest of your life. You can find love, friendship, and happiness. Everyone should travel at least once in their life, and the experience should be meaningful.

This page will tell you seven awesome ways for you to travel that you may not have considered previously or even ever heard of. The way that you travel will define your experience, which is why it is so important to travel in a way that is both unique and awesome. It is important to add as an additional point, while global restrictions are lifting in some places, in others they are not. Because of this, it is important that you check your government’s travel website and find out whether or not it is safe for you to travel there, and whether or not you will be subject to quarantine restrictions when you arrive.

1.  Charter a Plane

Chartering a plane may not be as expensive as you perhaps thought. You can charter a plane of virtually any size, providing it can fit two people inside, of course. One plane charterer, when you go through to their website, says that you should fly where you want when you want. When you think of flying in a chartered plane, your mind conjures up the image of travelling in a private jet, and while you can do that should you have the finances, chartering a plane often just means a two or three-person water skimmer. 

These planes can get you to hard to reach locations and help you to have unforgettable travel experiences. Chartering a smaller plane does not often cost a lot of money and can be included in many holiday packages. Consider this: chartering a plane to an island inhabited by nobody and spending your vacation on your own slice of idyllic paradise. Chartering a plane is easily done by anybody and is a great way to spend your holiday in style and luxury.

2.  Backpack

Backpacking is an awesome way to travel that you should definitely do at least once in your life. Backpacking can allow you to become intimately connected to the locals and allow you to see an unadulterated version of the country you are travelling in. Many tourist hotspots will be inundated with modern architecture and will not realistically reflect the way that the natives live. Backpacking can take you through villages, towns, and cities, and allow you to see the real version of the country that you are travelling in and not the sugar-coated version designed for westerners.

3.  Charter a Boat

Similarly to chartering a plane, chartering a boat can be a unique and awesome experience that can redefine your travel journey. Chartering a boat can allow you to visit hard to reach places, like islands as aforementioned. You can also go upriver, for example, in the rainforest, and visit areas seen by very few humans. Chartering a boat could be a really awesome way to travel, and if you love fishing, a great way to have a fishing trip. Fishing vacations are a lot of fun but be sure to bring your friends along with you!

4.  Train

Travelling by train is, by far, the most traditional method of travelling when you are going on vacation, but it can also be the most exciting. If you, for example, were travelling in Europe, you could travel from France to Russia by train. Travelling by train or backpacking and going from city to city by train can be an awesome way to travel around. Travelling by train is also a very cheap method of travelling and is affordable for most people. You should definitely consider travelling by train for your next vacation if you want to see everything and meet the locals.

5.  Cycling

Cycling is a really awesome way to travel that is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Cycling across a country is a very intimate way to see all of the sights and meet many different people, and of course, a great way to stay in shape. When you are cycling across a country, you must first be sure of its safety and be certain there is no risk to your life in doing so. Cycling is a lot of fun. You should make sure that the bike you are using is in good condition, lest it breaks down.

6.  Tour

Taking a tour can be a wonderful way to travel and see all of the sights. You can sign up for day tours or tours that last longer. Longer lasting tours will often require you to stay with a tour group and travel by bus, stopping at hotels along the way. The only downside to tours is that they can be very expensive. You should look carefully for tours and find the one that is the most informative, but at the same time, the most economic. It would be better to go and see everything alone rather than to pay extortionate amounts of money to travel with a guide.

7.  Rent a Car

Renting a vehicle to travel across a country can be a really fun way to travel. It is best suited to families who are travelling together, rather than groups of friends. It is a very safe way to travel, providing you adhere to main roads and do not veer off into the backcountry. In addition, it is important to mention that you must only take your family to locations that are listed as being safe for them on your government website.

Now you know a few awesome ways to travel. Travelling can be a lot of fun and you should definitely make the most of it. With travel restrictions being reduced, now is the best time to travel! Make the most of it, and summer’s quickly fading into autumn.

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