Back pain is one of the worst things that can affect one’s body. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from backaches at some point in their lives, but it is always bad news when that ache does not go away with a simple pain reliever. If you think that there’s no hope of getting rid of that ache, you could be wrong. Here are 9 ways that might help you relieve that pain.

Move Your Muscles

One thing that a lot of medical practitioners, fitness instructors, and physiotherapists will recommend for relieving the pain is exercise. It’s true that moving the aching muscles of your back could be very difficult when you have a backache, but you don’t need to do any hardcore exercises to move your muscles. You can simply go for a walk, do yoga, or any low-impact exercise of your choosing. This will prevent your muscles from tightening, which can sometimes be the reason why you have a backache.

Get A Prescribed Pain Reliever

Before you consider getting any medications, you’ll need to talk to your doctor or a pharmacist. Health specialists over at say that taking any over-the-counter pain relievers might do you more harm than good, as there is a high chance that you overdose on certain ingredients. A doctor, on the other hand, will be able to tell why you’re feeling a backache and prescribe medications and/ or pain relievers according to his findings.

A Good Sitting Posture

Most people spend their work hours sitting in front of a desk, which can ultimately lead to them slouching. If your chair is not well adjusted and you’re sitting away from the monitor, then this will cause your neck, shoulders, and back to strain. To avoid that, all you have to do is correct your sitting posture, stretch after long hours of sitting on your chair, and use an ergonomic chair.

Ice Packs and Heat Pads

Ice packs and heat pads are well known for their pain-relieving properties, so they’re generally used on any aching area of the body. Ice packs can numb the sudden flare of pain that you might experience in your back, but applying them for long periods of time might develop frostbite, so make sure that you use them for no longer than 20 minutes. Heat pads, on the other hand, are effective in relieving pain resulting from stiff muscles.

Increase Your Vitamin and Calcium Intake

If you suffer from osteoporosis, then you already know how painful backaches could get. Osteoporosis is one of the main reasons why someone could have a backache, and the best way to battle that condition is to increase your vitamin and calcium intake. The more you supplement your body with calcium and minerals, the stronger your bones will be. Thus, chances of you getting osteoporosis will be unlikely.

Change Your Footwear

It’s true that we might wear uncomfortable shoes simply because they look great. However, favoring looks over practically might end up with adverse effects on your body. Shoes that don’t fit or high heels can very well damage your body alignment, which will ultimately result in backaches. So, it is advised to find the best footwear to offer support and fit your feet perfectly. If your pain doesn’t go away, you might consider visiting a podiatrist to find the right footwear

Reduce Your Heavy Load

If you’re carrying heavy loads on a regular basis, then you should expect muscle aches at any time. This doesn’t mean that only people who carry heavy weight boxes will suffer backaches, as carrying bulky bags, a camera, heavy groceries, or suitcase can result in backaches as well. So, consider getting bags with wheels or rolling carts to avoid carrying that heavy load. It’s also recommended to lift with your knees, and not your back to prevent any injury.

Physical Therapy

If your back pain is particularly hard to deal with, a visit to your physiotherapist might be what you need. A physiotherapist will help you retain your proper spine alignment and give you tips on the best exercises to relieve back muscles, strengthen your core, and increase your flexibility. These are all elements that will help you reduce the pain.

Give Up Smoking

Smokers are more likely to experience backaches than nonsmokers mainly because nicotine inhibits blood flow from reaching the spinal disks. It also reduces the amount of oxygen to your bloodstream. Both of these elements can increase your backaches, so it’s best that you quit smoking altogether. 

Now that you know some ways to relieve your back pain, you might want to start with implementing one of them. However, before you do anything, make sure to have your doctor examine you first. After all, if you don’t know what is causing the pain you won’t be able to reduce it. 


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