How To Use A DNA Test Kit To Travel Through Your Family Tree

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DNA tests are becoming more and more popular because people are getting curious about different aspects of their lives, like the predisposition to certain conditions and diseases, or finding relatives in the entire world and the family roots many generations back. Ancestry testing made the at-home DNA testing services gain popularity in the past years. People are looking at different aspects of the family ancestry and the family tree, they want to go back hundreds of years to track the common things they have in common with their ancestors. 

Having DNA tests also help to connect with living relatives, or identify population groups with similar DNA. Even more information can be obtained from studying the genetic links, like what health problems and diseases had your close or distant relatives. There are many reasons for which you may take the DNA test, and some of them you may have never thought of. Some tests take you to places and people you can never find if you just ask someone or follow different paper trails. And that is thanks to the huge data base different DNA testing companies keep.

What else can be determined with the help of the DNA tests? For example, the migration paths of the ancient ancestors can be determined based on these genetics studies – and that sometimes go thousands of years back in the roots’ history. This way, people can “travel” through a branch of their family tree. When someone wants to have their family tree studied, they should look for a DNA testing service which has a large data base of tested people. That is to maximize the chances of actually finding something – or someone – which resembles your traits or your roots. 

There are many companies which offer this kind of DNA testing. For example, Family Tree DNA, which is a subsidiary of Gene by Gene. It has the world’s most comprehensive data base, and the pricing goes from $49 for a Family Ancestry test, to $139, for Maternal or Paternal Ancestry tests. The Family Tree DNA review at shows that it has a lot of pros, like the results available 2 weeks after receiving the samples, but also the availability of the kits in more countries than any other DNA testing kit. The huge data base and the affordable prices are also some important pros, while it also provides many tools for working with the genetic matches. 

How does a test work? Well, you receive the DNA kit with two cotton swabs and two vials, for a single person. The containers have a fluid which prevents bacteria from damaging the samples. The swab is inserted inside the cheeks, and then you will return the sample. The kit comes with specific instructions for collecting the DNA sample, but also with a consent form to allow the processing of the data. The vials are then sent with consent to the company, and the results will be ready sometime between two and eight weeks, depending on the test.

DNA testing is something very important and serious, and can both offer answers you were looking for many years, but also some big surprises you wouldn’t think of. For example, to find out that you have unknown relatives from other parts of the world, who of course have taken the test, or else they wouldn’t be revealed. But tests can reveal also secrets in matter of paternity and maternity, which were kept secret by the ancestors or other family members. Either way, you should be prepared for everything a DNA travel kit may reveal, when you will travel through the family tree.

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