You’ve probably been reading about the exciting entertainment options in Malaysia on sites like Travel Advisor and SCR888. You may even be intrigued by the Malaysian culture and want to experience it for yourself. The only thing left is for you to find the best deals on travel and accommodation, but here you run into a roadblock. Finding outstanding travel deals can be challenging, and running a simple search will leave you with thousands of options. 

Even when you narrow it down to the exact date and location, you can never be sure that you’re finding all the best travel deals. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Five Alternative Travel Booking Sites. These tools should help you uncover hidden deals and some unexpected bonus benefits. We recommend comparing the prices on these sites with the prices the airlines charge for direct bookings. From there, you’ll be able to find the best arrangement for your needs. 


The site scores points because it gives you a graphical representation of the latest price trends. If your dates are more flexible, you’ll be able to see if moving your flight will save you money. The site also has a price tracker and is easy to use. Momondo offers a unique service whereby you can design your own route. Momondo’s Mix and Match service allows you to combine two flights to get the best deals, for example. On the downside, you’ll have to book each flight separately with the respective vendors. 


Kayak is a price comparison site. Enter your preferred date, and receive an instant comparison of flight prices at different airlines. The site also offers something similar to Momondo’s Mix and Match service. Kayak’s similar service is under Hacker Fares, and it also pairs up one-way tickets to save you money. You may use the price tracker to get the best prices. The downside is that you don’t get a comparison of price trends. 


Expedia counts as one of the bigger sites, but we’ve included it here because you can still find some outstanding deals. You won’t save much compared to booking directly with the airline, but the interface is user-friendly and smooth. The company does offer a flight reward program, but it isn’t compelling. You’ll battle to qualify for upgrades on flights. If you’re booking accommodation, packages, vehicles, or activities, though, the reward program on Expedia becomes far more appealing.  


Priceline comes up with reasonable deals, but we recommend comparing prices from this site with others before making your final booking. You stand to benefit the most on last-minute flights with Priceline. The downside is that the site uses Opaque Booking. You might not know your arrival and departure times, or the airline name until you confirm your booking.  


Orbitz is a reliable option that often comes up with the best deals. They’ve got a guarantee in place – if you book with them and then find the same flight cheaper within 24 hours, they’ll refund the difference. The downside is that Orbitz often charges a booking fee. 

Final Notes

Pack your bags and book some time off work. With the deals on these sites, you’re sure to find an appealing option for your next trip.

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