Making a permanent change seems complicated. Every one of us has abandoned New Year’s resolutions that seem to back up this fact. You resolve to spend less time on Instagram or Sbobet every year. You’ll never get involved in a Facebook fight again, either. You stick to these resolutions hard and fast for a few weeks, but your motivation starts to slide, and you begin checking your social media pages more often. Someone says something outrageous on Facebook, and you have to set them straight. Finally, you accept that you might not ever change.

It is time to rethink your approach. Change only seems complicated because you’re adopting an all-or-nothing stance. When we want to move in a different direction, we want it to happen overnight. It is the basis of human nature—the desire for instant gratification. Changing your micro-habits is far easier and more effective. Benjamin Hardy uses the “Penny a Day” example to illustrate this point. Here’s how it works–you choose between: A) a million dollars now, or B) a penny that doubles in value every day for a month.

For most people, it’s a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t choose a million dollars immediately over a penny that doubles in value? Smart people want the penny, though. Why? If the penny doubles every day, by the end of the month, you’ll have over ten million dollars. Work it out for yourself. 

How to Harness Microhabits: Five Smart Tips

Hardy used the example to explain the concept of compound interest. It’s equally valuable in demonstrating the value of small, consistent efforts.  See the benefits of consistent effort yourself by practising the five microhabits below. You’ll see results within a year.

1. Court Rejection

Twelve publishers rejected JK Rowling’s Harry Potter before it was accepted. Imagine if she’d given up after the first or second rejection. If you want to change your life, you have to put yourself out there. Reach out to someone that you want to work with every day. It could be about your manuscript or your dream job. The worst that they can say is, “No.” If you don’t try, you fail before you begin.

2. Make A Start

Are you the next big thing? Do you have a killer business idea? Get the ideas out of your head and onto paper. Work towards your goal every day. Start with one paragraph or jot down research prices. Then follow through tomorrow with another small step.

3. Monitor Your Finances Daily

Check your bank accounts and investments every day. It sounds tedious, but it is motivating. Seeing your investment grow will prompt you to save more and spend less.

4.  Embrace the Dull Tasks

Doing your chores, practising newly learned skills, and other dull tasks are easy to skip. Keeping up will improve your overall quality of life. Don’t see it as a time-waster—it is a sound investment in your future.

5. Focus On The Future

Many self-help gurus speak about focusing on the ‘here and now.’ If your life’s great, why make changes at all? Sacrifice now to invest in a better future. 

Final Notes

The choices that you’ve made are responsible for the life you lead today. If you want your life to change, make different choices. These small changes are effortless but pay great dividends. Start today and change your life.  

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