Located on the east coast of the USA in the southernmost part of New England, Connecticut is one of the original 13 founding colonies. It is one of those rare states that maintain its balance between urban and rural. With its picturesque countryside and bustling cities that are up all night long, Connecticut has everything anyone could possibly want.

‘Tis the Season

Whether it is fall, winter or spring, Connecticut is a paradise all year round. Due to its close proximity to the sea, temperatures are relatively pleasant during summers and winters. It never drops to extremes. Spring brings with it the blooming of bright-colored cherry blossoms that adorn every tree. The fall season is particularly long, lasting from early October to early November. Connecticut attracts most of its tourist traffic during these months to enjoy its fall scenery. During the holiday season, it is safe to say that Connecticut turns into a winter wonderland.

Food for the Soul

Connecticut is home to some of the best restaurants in America. Be it fine dine or just fast food, Connecticut makes sure to take its every visitor on a gastronomic journey. New Haven is also home to the best pizzeria in the US. It is called the Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. They’ve been making pizzas for more than 90 years, which is so clearly reflected in the impeccable taste each pie contains.


Connecticut has a long coastline. This means there are plenty of beaches to visit and a lot of lighthouses you can explore in your time here. Silver Lands State Park and Rocky neck State Park are some of the most beautiful beaches in New England. You can also opt to explore the vast coastline differently. There are tons of options to rent a boat which will take you all the way up to Rhodes Island. Moreover, the seaside close by automatically means fresh seafood all year round!

Get Into Yale

Connecticut is home to one of the world’s most prestigious law colleges in the world. Yale University is a private Ivy League university, located in New Haven. It was established in 1701 and has since devoted itself in imparting knowledge to all those who seek it. You can easily get a campus tour organized or visit one of its numerous top-notch museums for an entire day’s entertainment. Admire its rustic architecture or just wander around its sprawling lawns. Yale always welcomes those who seek wisdom. Getting admitted into Yale is a dream of many. If you want to live your dream, work hard, and know the rules. As with all colleges that receive federal funding, Yale is covered by Title IX protections, which ensure you won’t be limited because of your gender.

Fuel the Insomnia

Connecticut is not all just rustic universities and beautiful countryside. It has incredible nightlife too. SoNo, the historic downtown district in South Norwalk offers some of the best nightlife in the country. It is also home to some of the best theatres in America like the Goodspeed Opera House and the Hartford Stage. Whether it’s just to sample some of the best sushi or visit retro bars and casinos, this place has all your options rolled together in one place.

Adventure Time

Connecticut has plenty of options for all the adrenaline junkies out there. There are many waterfalls and hiking trails to choose from in Enders State forest Park and zip lining in Essex to admire the beautiful scenery. You can choose to experience fast-paced boat adventures in Mystic or even skydiving in Killingly (don’t be fooled by the name, it’s perfectly safe!). Due to its location, and the many water bodies you can find here, there are also tons of water sports you can take your pick from.

Connecticut is a beautiful state, full of amazing things to see, do and explore. It can be enjoyed by people of all age groups and has entirely family-friendly activities. Not to forget, the food here is critically acclaimed and to die for. So, the next trip you plan, make sure you route it to Connecticut.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash




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