Alessio De Vecchi is a globe-trotting art director and CG wizard based in New York, with roots in Milan and Tokyo. He is the founder of adv, a creative collective specializing in photography, video production & post production, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, graphic & web design. As you will see on his company’s website,, his long list of clients is truly impressive, but it’s not only his professional work that’s catching everybody’s attention — his personal work is as well. One glance through his Instagram and you will be floored by the stunning collection of surreal worlds he’s created. Take a look for yourself by visiting Alessio De Vecchi on Instagram. And if Alessio’s work strikes your fancy then you might also be interested in the beautiful “space glass” globe pendants of Japanese glass artist Satoshi Tomizu which allow you to hold the cosmos in the palm of your hand. You can see many examples of Satoshi’s globes at (Source: The Creators Project)



I've been writing since 2008 about a wide range of topics. I also love making furniture in my spare time, and birdwatching with my wife near our home in southern England.

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