Why Wine? Watch NOWNESS Interview The World’s Top Wine Lovers & Pros On Why Wine Is So Damn Awesome

by • December 9, 2019 • FoodComments (0)2602

In his short film, Why Wine?, director James Casey gathers a few of his favorite wine lovers (experts and non-experts alike) to discuss what’s behind the world’s love affair with wine. In the film we also get some terrific tips on various wine and food pairings which should definitely be on everyone’s wine-food bucket list. But if shee-shee-foo-foo gourmet meals are not up your alley, Esquire put together a terrific list of 8 surprising junk foods that pair brilliantly with various wines. For example, did you know that Cheetos pair amazingly well with a bright white like Rueda Verdejo or Sauvignon Blanc? What’s more, these pairings won’t bust your budget. You can see them all by visiting Esquire.com. And as an added bonus I’ve also attached below the incredible documentary film Pinot Noir: The Holy Grail of Wine. If you haven’t seen it you are in for a fascinating treat.

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