These days brands are coming ahead of the traditional methods of marketing and are investing more and more money in social media marketing. By buying services from the best site to buy Instagram followers, for one. The primary reason for this is that social media is today a vital part of the life of every consumer. Most consumers don’t even notice how they tend to see ads so regularly on their newsfeed are nothing but a strategic move from brands. Unlike newspapers and TV, on the social media platforms, you cannot change the page or flip the channel to avoid reading ads.

As a result of this global penetration, social media marketing today is capable of generating a high return on investment. Today, there are several social media networks out there. A lot of them even have massive popularity amongst its target audience. However, if you are on a lookout for the best social media platform for building your brand, but there is none better than Instagram. The factor which makes Instagram the number one social media platform is not its user base. If that were the reason, Facebook would have been more popular since it still has more users than Instagram. Custom research paper writing may come in handy if you need to research this topic more carefully.

So, if not that, what could be the reason for the high popularity of Instagram? When it comes to ease of usage, engagement and market penetration, Instagram is at number one, and this is what makes it the number one choice amongst customers. Now, let’s take a look at the 18 reasons why Instagram is better than other social media apps.    

  1. Instagram is Visual 

If you wish to tell a story, what is better medium than a picture? So, unlike Twitter and Facebook, where people share lengthy statuses and posts, Instagram is all about its photographs and videos. Whatever is conveyed is done via the beautiful pictures and the videos that you share. Accounting homework help provider Martin, shares her experience, stating that she completely loves using Instagram over other platforms. 

  1. Instagram is Micro

These days microblogging is becoming immensely popular. For bloggers, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming just as important as platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This is because Instagram offers the users with a quick, visual for sharing of the information. Most of the data is shared via pictures or videos, followed by a few words in the caption. The best thing about Instagram is that it is like a microblog in itself that comes with an excellent visual component which brings in high engagement.   

  1. Instagram is Social

Not only does Instagram lets you showcase your incredible photos or videos, but it also enables you to ‘heart’ or ‘like’ a picture and comment on it. On Instagram too, you can follow the people you like, and if they want they can follow you back. This is an added advantage over Facebook wherein if you add someone, they too can see the content that you share. However, on Instagram, if the account is private, and you follow someone, and they don’t follow you back, you will be able to see their content while, they won’t be able to see the content shared by you.      

  1. Instagram is Fun

Instagram is about taking pictures, adding filters and making them look attractive and fun. Further, sharing this beautiful picture also feels great. Further, to increase the reach of your photographs, you can add hashtags to your images, so when people search for that particular hashtag, they can locate your pictures. As a result of this, the chances of your content getting viral is more with Instagram over the other social media apps.   

  1. Instagram has the best filters

When it comes to filters, there is no competition for Instagram. The process of adding filters is flattering. It is the best way to hide your age and imperfections. So, embrace this trickery, and you can trick your followers in the best way possible.   

  1. Instagram is Friendly

Now, the reason I call Instagram friendly is because of the ease it offers when it comes to sharing content. If you share a picture on Instagram, it automatically lets you share the same photo on your other social media apps. This is a great feature of Instagram and enables you to share pictures quickly with no hassle.  

  1.   Better Target Market Penetration

Both men and women are impulsive buyers. So, it is more or less, easy to influence their shopping choices. 60% of the users on the internet between the age group of 18 to 29 years have an Instagram account. Robin, an expert who provides assignment help service, says that the youth today earns a lot of money. Not only do they earn a lot, but they are also willing to spend a lot of money.

The pre-requisite to this being that, you have to offer them a great product to ensure that they buy what you are offering. So, what better place than Instagram? On Instagram, all you have to do is post a short video or a high-resolution picture of your product, and you are done. If the customers like your product, they will automatically be lead to your website. On Instagram, around 70% of the users are females, and they love shopping. So, whenever you are coming up with something that female audience likes, its popularity is likely to be more.  

  1. Better content display

On Instagram, you have the ability to build a better and more effective brand image by way of videos and pictures in comparison to Twitter, Facebook or other social media websites. Now, you might say that I can upload the same videos and photos on Facebook and Twitter, so what makes Instagram better?

The reason Instagram is so good is because of its UI. When a user checks his Facebook via PC, he gets to see links, photos, chat screen, sidebars, and a variety of other things. On the other hand, Instagram does have a website, but the users still prefer its mobile app, which has 700 million users from around the world. People see tons of videos and images every day. The best thing is that its clutter-free user interface makes it so good, thereby assuring better customer engagement.     

  1. Users on Instagram are active

The reason why Instagram outshines other social media apps is that the users on Instagram are fairly more active. As per the recent survey, the users on Instagram are 58% more likely to like, share or comment on a picture, as compared to Facebook. This is the result of its ultimate level of consumer engagement. So, the more is the amount of content you share on Instagram better would be the engagement for your product. Another great advantage with Instagram is that users love this platform, and so they prefer spending a lot of time here.  

  1. Instagram Can Offer A Behind the Scenes Look

On Instagram, you can easily share the photos which put forth behind the scenes look of your business. This can help take your business a long way towards building familiarity and a rapport with your customers.

It is undoubtedly the most prominent way to help you change the game for you. You can post a photo, or a video of the product being made or the service being offered from the perspective of an insider and this can be an intriguing and a fascinating view for your potential clients and customers. People naturally have a trait of being curious about what’s happening behind the scenes. So, when you show behind the scenes video or photo of your brand or business, it is surely going to be a hit.   

  1. It Encourages Customer Participation

If you have acquired a reasonable number of followers, the door is wide open for you. You can then use this platform to participate and encourage the people who are involved in your business. The most popular way to do so is by way of hashtags.

Aniket, a college student, says when I need to buy college essays, I use Instagram to ask for images or choose images to be used. On just entering hashtags, users can find all the related images. Businesses can even request their customers to post pictures or videos of them using their products or services. This will help the companies to be popular amongst the followers of their existing customers.   

  1. Instagram helps you to build a personality for your business

Instagram can play an intricate role in building a winning character for your business. With this platform, you get an opportunity of moulding the perception of your customers towards your business. If you are trying to portray your brand as something light-hearted or perhaps something serious, or whatever feels you want to give your business, you can easily do that by sharing the right type of photos. These photos will help you provide a personality to your brand. So, do not underestimate the potential of this incredible platform which can help you go a long way with your brand.     

  1. Trust Building

The thing with an online experience is that it takes away a face from the business interactions. This can be a bad thing, especially for people who are looking to build trust with a brand. Instagram is a medium which puts a face on your efforts in a way that you can target the customers and make them have confidence in you. This is really a great thing for the business to grow. Sam, who is looking for best financial modeling course, shares his experience by stating that Instagram is an excellent platform for you to reinforce or build trust in your efforts. As a result of these efforts, your sales will improve, and you’ll be flooded with happy customers. So do post some happy pictures, thanking your customers for their continuing support and trust in you. 

  1. Instagram Keeps Your Name In Conversation

Instagram is one platform that can be used by brands when they want people to talk about their business. You know what is that one thing which definitely works in this? Holding contests on Instagrams. You can definitely use Instagram as the perfect medium to hold contests and promote your business. Your options are only limited to your imagination. Do make sure that you give something concrete to the winners of the contests. It is the price or the giveaway that will keep the participants interested in your contest. This can be the best way for you to get Instagram users to talk about your brand.   

  1. Instagram Helps Promote Special Events

Are you planning to go to some upcoming event or festival? If yes, you can totally promote the fact that you are going to the said event on Instagram. This can be a good way of acquiring interest and support in the event that you are attending. You can also click pictures and document the event. Then you can share all the beautiful photos from the event with your Instagram family. Make sure that there are pictures of you and your customers being part of this event. This is the best way for you to get attention to this event and in turn, your brand or company. Always remember for today’s generation, if something looks cool in pictures, they’d definitely want to be a part of it. 

  1. The Chance To Go Viral

A pet, company mascot, cute adorable babies, funny characters or animals, be it anything, if you can relate it to your business, it can be associated with your brand logo. It takes nothing more than one home run to revamp the entire look and feel of your business forever. Thus, you need to be very careful whenever you introduce a new mascot to your business. This is also a fine medium to encourage your employees, family and friends to share the word about your business. One cute kitten photo can help you acquire thousands of followers. You never know, what might just click with your followers. So, never give up and keep trying with everything that you think or believe has a chance to go viral.  

  1. Instagram Has Better Stories Integration

Instagram is the first platform to have incorporated the stories function, which was later stolen by Snapchat, Facebook and others. Though others have aped this feature, it is still not able to beat Instagram in its story feature.  

  1. Instagram Has Messaging Built-In

Instagram has a in-built messaging feature that is undoubtedly smoother and faster than the Facebook messenger. It is incorporated right within the app. So, unlike Facebook, you don’t have to download two separate apps (Facebook and Facebook Messenger). Further, this chat platform works faster, and if you like a certain post on Instagram, you can simply share it with your friends in Direct Message via a simple share button. Several students have shared that they look for college research paper writing service sometimes at Instagram as most of the experts and fellow students are available there, and one can directly communicate with these experts via DM feature.

So, these are the top 18 ways in which Instagram is better than the other social media apps. In the past three years, the popularity of Instagram has reached a new high, and it is foreseen to grow further in the future. If you too prefer Instagram over Facebook and the other social media, do us know your reasons for the same in the comment section below. 

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