If you’ve ever been away during a delivery, you have most probably left a note for the delivery driver, to either leave the parcel with the neighbours or leave it in a safe place. Or maybe the other way around where the delivery driver has left your parcel somewhere, and the note is telling you where they had left it. These 8 examples are some of the funniest notes that have been left.

1. Human Doorbell
We’ve all had days where our doorbell breaks, and left a note to knock on the door instead of trying to use it. Not in this case, the note actually said “Doorbell doesn’t work, please shout ‘DING DONG’, In my opinion this is crazy, imagine just standing out shouting ‘DING DONG’.

2. Pizza Drop-Off
This is the first point that can be quite relatable in a way or another. When you’ve been out drinking the night before, you wont really want to see anyone the day after. This is exactly what happened to this poor soul, leaving this note, “I’m incredibly hungover and cannot be seen in public. Please leave the package by the door and walk away like nothing happened.”

3. Rocky Deliveries
Yet another case of the broken doorbell, I can imagine this happens a lot and there are lots of notes about broken doorbells. But not like this. Normally the package receiver will ask to knock on the door, but for some reason this time, they have asked you to shake a bottle of rocks. Using this note, “Doorbell doesn’t work. Please shake this bottle of rocks instead.”

On the other hand, there are delivery companies out there that take care of your packages. For example, DPD, Ask Absolutely and UPS. These are the sorts of companies that take pride in their work and make sure the customer receives their package. Take a look at this wonderful infographic on some more funny notes that were left by delivery drivers.



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