NETFLIX & Black Mirror’s Online AI Test Will Tell You Your Relationship’s Expiration Date

by • March 8, 2018 • Technology, TelevisionComments (0)2583

I absolutely cannot stand dystopic television (i.e. Black Mirror, The Handmaid’s Tale, etc.) — the world is already dystopic enough. I couldn’t even finish the first episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, and I could barely get through three episodes of Black Mirror. I simply refuse. But sometimes a show can spawn a byproduct that catches my eye. Seeing a group of women in red cloaks and white bonnets protesting on the street is certainly something you don’t see everyday. Or this new online A.I. tool created by NETFLIX and Black Mirror which measures the expiration date of your relationship.

In season 4 of Black Mirror, there’s an episode entitled Hang The D.J. which features a device called Coach. Perhaps a parody of Tinder and other dating apps, Coach matches you with your soulmate, and practically everyone in society is putting their full trust in “The System”. Frank and Amy, for example, initially get 12 hours together. But a second chance gives them a much longer stretch of time together because of how they used it.

So, when you and your partner are sitting side-by-side with two computers, you can see for yourself just how long your relationship will last by CLICKING HERE.

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