Watch The Top 3 Most Mindblowing Metabolic Processes That Happen Inside You When You Exercise

by • January 12, 2017 • HealthComments (0)3787

The full list of benefits that come with regular exercise could fill the Library of Congress, but all too often we reduce this mountain of noble reasons down to one simple narcissistic bullet point — to get skinny. The human body is an infinitely complex biological machine, and to simplify the need for exercise down to one purpose is to overlook the countless processes that are occurring inside of you when you get your body moving. In a recent video my new nutritionist hero, Ben Warren of BePure™, walks us through the 3 most fascinating, important, and little known metabolic processes that are happening inside your body each time you exercise. Watch below as he explains the following: 1) liver loading, 2) lymph pump, and 3) cortisol caution. And for the millionth time here on FEELguide, I will once again attach his incredible video explaining the remarkable things that will happen to your body when you rebuild your gut bacteria. You can learn much more about that story HERE. For more amazingness from Ben and BePure™ you can visit and follow him on Facebook. (Photo of Ph.D. mathematics professor and supermodel Pietro Boselli via

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