Aston Martin launches its Second Century campaign in November 2016 with the launch of its brand new DB11. If the design itself doesn’t make you pee your pants, then the speed very well could — its V12, 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged gasoline engine produces a whopping 600 horsepower. With an equally whopping price tag of $211,995 (before U.S. taxes), the DB11 is filled to the brim with impressive engineering, including environmentally friendly technology that automatically turns off 6 of the 12 cylinders when they’re not in use.

Aston Martin writes, “History could have clipped our creative wings, but we used it to our advantage. To honour the ‘DB’ legacy we distilled Aston Martin design down to its very essence and used it to create something evolved, bold and fresh. Instantly recognisable, its design looks inherently right, yet utterly different. Its form develops organically from nose to tail; muscle and sinew building volume and shaping surface details, with classical proportions providing the perfect bone
structure beneath. Familiar elements have evolved. The iconic radiator grille has been reinterpreted, its lines and features amplified and celebrated. All-new LED head and tail-lights create expressive visual signatures. Triumphant new elements, such as the dramatic roof strake, underline DB11’s confidence and originality, while the new side strakes, key to DB11’s pioneering aerodynamics, bring harmony of form and function. The pure and honest product of authentic, justified lines, DB11 is an immaculate work of automotive art.”

You can read much more about the DB11 on its online brochure, as well as on its website at


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