Kayakers In British Columbia Get More Than They Bargained For When Humpbacks Start Bellyflopping

by • August 18, 2016 • Canadiana, NatureComments (0)1940

A group of kayakers in British Columbia got the surprise of a lifetime when they were nearly crushed by two humpback whales — a mother and her calf — who began breaching near the shore. The group was kayaking with Wildcoast Adventures, which wrote the following on their YouTube video: “While observing a mother humpback nursing her calf from a safe distance away, the whales finish up and dove down. What happened next took everyone by surprise! Humpbacks are marine mammals and you need to stay back 100M. As you can see in this video they can close the distance very fast and they are unpredictable. Remember: ‘See a Blow Go Slow.'” If you’re in B.C. be sure to get your own kayak tour from WildcoastAdventures.com. (Source: ABC World News With David Muir)

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