Boards Of Canada Make A Hilarious Confession About This Leonardo DiCaprio Italian TV Ad They Scored

by • August 6, 2016 • Funny, Music, TelevisionComments (0)4206

Back in 2000, legendary Scottish electronic music duo, Boards of Canada, scored a TV ad for an Italian telecom giant which starred Leonardo DiCaprio. The only reason they did it was because they were such huge fans of Chris Cunningham, the genius video director attached to the project (Cunningham most famously directed Bjork’s groundbreaking robot-inspired video for “All Is Full Of Love”). Trusting Cunningham wouldn’t take advantage of the 1.5 hour’s worth of music they created for him (i.e. release it in full afterwards), BoC gave the director full creative use of the music for whatever Cunningham saw fit. In the end, Cunningham could only use a 20-second portion. But on a side note, in an interview with Jockey Slut, Boards of Canada confessed they were so put-off by the fact that DiCaprio made so much money for doing so little (i.e. uttering one word while lying in a grassy field), that they wanted to integrate a little bitchslap into the music, aimed directly at the star. “He utters one word. God knows what he got paid. We wanted to record ‘Leonardo Dicaprio is a wanker’ and put it in the advert music backwards.” (Source: FACT on Facebook)

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