Sarah Jessica Parker’s Brilliant Instagram Account & ADULT SWIM’s “Golden Girls In The City” Parody

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It’s easy to make fun of Sex and the City (1998-2004), but the groundbreaking series revolutionized much more than television alone — it also empowered and continues to empower generations of women and LGBT who live under repressed and masochistic cultural regimes, and who find themselves trapped in confines of subjugation and prejudice. Women and LGBT tell of countless Sex and the City viewing parties held in locked rooms across Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and beyond — with DVDs being passed under burqas and in dark back alleys. What’s merely light entertainment for Western audiences is far more important for those living in the darkest corners of the world — it provides vital fuel of inspiration for people who dream of living a better life in a country where the are fully liberated, and free from judgement or prosecution simply for embracing their sexuality.

Another series which inspires millions around the world in the very same way is The Golden Girls (1985-1992), which demonstrated how one can build a “modern family” in his or her golden years, and continue to live life to the fullest right through the the final act. So when I came across this ADULT SWIM parody of Sex and The City mashed with The Golden Girls I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

If all this Sex and the City talk makes you reminisce for the series, you can take comfort that the show’s superstar lead, Sarah Jessica Parker, is in many ways living a parallel real-life version of her character, Carrie Bradshaw’s onscreen life. Parker’s Instagram account, as W Magazine‘s Emilia Petrarca writes, “is hilarious, personable, and of course, very fashionable.” Take a glance at some of Sarah’s best Instagram hits below, and see them all at Sarah Jessica Parker on Instagram.

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