LINKguide (April 30, 2016)

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☛ Supermodel Colin Ryan (above) featured in the brand new issue of Les Nouveux Dieux / The New Gods (OHLALAmag)
☛ Watch as Megyn Kelly schools North Carolina governor on why he’s a huge idiot on all things transgender (Towleroad)
☛ British bar in St. Albans provides an “exit strategy service” for clients desperately trying to get out of a bad date (PSFK)
☛ Check out this fascinating video footage taken from the very first shopping mall in America way back in 1956 (Kottke)
☛ You can have any of these 19 shirtless hunks to yourself, as long as I get dibs on the hotties in pics #5 & #19 (The Berry)
☛ If you want to feel like your home is a piece of crap check out this $22 million home in Hollywood (One Kind Design)
☛ I’m still hooked on all things Summer Heart and you can stream all of their track here (Summer Heart on Soundcloud)

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