Watch David Pogue’s Report On The Huge New Tipping Point Of Drones & See One Fly Through Fireworks

by • October 18, 2015 • Industrial And Product Design, Politics, TechnologyComments (0)2575

Drones are here, and they’re here to stay. In just a few short years these flying gizmos have gone from being a hobby of a small community of nerds, and have transformed into an international game-changing industry that is on the brink of federal regulation in the United States. In a brand new report for CBS Sunday Morning, David Pogue of Yahoo Tech examines how these ingenious little toys have captured the imagination and childlike spirit in all of its users worldwide, while at the same time capturing the attention of Washington as well. And just below, you will also find an amazing video showing what happened when one drone user flew his camera-equipped drone into a fireworks show. Needless to say the results are epic.

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