Sim Hutchins’ debut LP, I Enjoy To Sweep A Room, is set for release on November 6, 2015 via NO PAIN IN POP (pre-order by CLICKING HERE or on iTunes). The album’s first single, “Tie Me To A Rocket (And Point Me At The Ground”, was released last month and now it’s brand new music video is out as well. The concept and visuals were inspired by an Adam Curtis documentary on mind control (which, after doing some digging, I believe is the June 1995 doc “You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough”, the second chapter of the 3-part documentary TV series The Living Dead). In a recent interview with DUMMY, Hutchins said, “Psychic driving was an experiential psychiatric procedure in which drugged patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape to alter their behaviour. Channeling the ordeal of a victim of the experience (lifted from an interview in an Adam Curtis documentary), this video explores the effects that emotions have on human behaviour, and their perceived place in modern society.” You can watch it in full above, and for more from Sim Hutchins be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.


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