Meet Kumbali The Cheetah Cub & Kago The Puppy: The Cutest BFFs In The Whole Friggin’ World

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When Kumbali was two-weeks-old, his animal caretakers at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia noticed he was losing a dangerous amount of weight very quickly. Something was wrong, so they began to raise the baby cheetah themselves by bottle-feeding him and keeping his body temperature up with an incubator (they discovered soon afterwards only 2 of his mother’s 8 nipples were working, so reintroducing him to his family wasn’t possible). Soon enough the care team began to fall in love with Kumbali, but they realized he needed a friend to keep him calm and help him learn some vital social skills. That’s where Kago the labrador puppy came in. Rescued from a local shelter, Kago instantly hit it off with Kumbali and the rest is history.

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