Watch Suze Orman On TODAY Explain How To Buy A Home & Retire, Get Her Financial Course For Free

by • September 24, 2015 • Business, Random NewsComments (0)2164

According to the Federal Reserve, the median (i.e. the exact middle point of a data set) balance of retirement accounts held by Americans who are saving for retirement totals less than $60,000, and the average U.S. household credit card debt is $15,706 for households that are carrying debt. Few things are scarier or more emotional than personal finance, and in a recent set of appearances on the TODAY show, financial advice guru, Suze Orman, has helped take some of the sting out of those fears, as well as answer some of the most pressing questions from viewers. She has also launched a brand new Suze Orman’s Personal Finance Online Course which she is giving away for free until September 25th. To get your free access use the code word “TODAY” when you set up your account at, and be sure to also visit


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