The Male Link Between Testosterone & Happiness, And NatGeo’s Finger Length Test Of Your Sexuality

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If you’re a guy and you are feeling lethargic, weak, unhappy, and have a low libido, there’s almost a 100% chance that your testosterone levels are way too low. The condition is known as hypogonadism (i.e. low testosterone or low T, which is caused by a various number of reasons), and in America some men are treating the disorder with doctor-approved testosterone injections — a treatment which is not as common in Canada because the science is still coming in. While testosterone replacement therapy can lead to a host of terrific upsides — such as a higher sex drive, virility, more muscle mass, self confidence, and significantly more happiness — it can also have big downsides as well. With testosterone injections the body will shut down its own natural production, the testicles will shrink, and the patient will become dependant on the treatments just to maintain a normal life. You can read more about this at

Thankfully there are many ways to boost testosterone levels naturally, and not have to deal with doctors at all. The best 10 ways to do it can be found at Another set of lists of the best ways to boost testosterone the safe and natural way can be found at:,, Mercola, and Not only will increasing your testosterone levels lead to an increase in happiness, it will also result in healthier bones, more muscle mass, a decrease in body fat, and it will also ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

Another surprising way to boost testosterone is with yoga. Regular yoga has been linked to longer erections and doubled levels of testosterone. Esquire also adds that breathing techniques will work wonders as well: “Fast breathing shuts down the cortex of the brain, which controls higher thinking, and allows your primitive brain and limbic system, responsible for sexual responses, to activate and release sex hormones.” You can read the full story, including 5 easy poses you can do at home, by visiting You can also read one Navy Seal’s morning routine to stay focused and feel great all day by visiting

Testosterone truly is one of the most fascinating chemicals in all of biology. For instance, if you’re a guy, the next time you kiss someone you should know that you are introducing testosterone into your partner’s highly permeable mucus membranes in his/her mouth which instantly get absorbed into the blood stream, thereby boosting their arousal. It’s also a way for the partner to unwittingly guage your virility.

A 2008 study published in PNAS also discovered something very interesting as well. Researchers discovered that when young future traders on Wall Street made above-normal profits, their saliva testosterone levels shot up 20%. One trader who hit a 6-day winning streak had a 78% measured boost in testosterone. They also found that every single time traders who had higher than usual levels of testosterone in the early morning would go on to reap above-average profits later in the day.

But perhaps most fascinating of all is how a fetus’s exposure to various levels of testosterone will have enormous consequences on the rest of its life, forever shaping who they are as a person. And as National Geographic explains below, there is a remarkable test you can do with your hands to determine if you were exposed to low or high levels of testosterone when you were in your mother’s womb. Research has found, for instance, that women with a long gap between her ring and index finger (i.e. a much longer ring finger than index finger) have a dramatically higher chance of being a lesbian, while men with longer index fingers than ring fingers have a dramatically higher chance of being gay (i.e. gay men and lesbians tend to have ‘reversed’ ratios; index fingers of most straight men are shorter than the ring fingers; most straight women have the same length or index longer). You can read the full science behind the 2D:4D finger ratio by CLICKING HERE, and watch the full video explanation below courtesy of National Geographic. (Illustrations courtesy of Finger Length Digit Ratio, and feature photo via

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